Hare Krishna!

I do not want to hurt anyone faith or believes. I just want to inquire for spiritual advancement.

1) I generally feel that ISKCON members over the time has made answers to all possible spiritual questions based on a particular interpretation of scriptures which may or may not be true. Whenever a new member comes, he simply accepts the answers given by previous acharyas without questioning them. Whenever  somebody questions anything, he is reminded of vaishnav aparad, offences etc and said to have faith in the process. Although iskcon people says, they are not blindly following anything, but deep down yes they are.

2) The real key to spiritual advancement is to question, to explore, to experience yourself. Don't believe in anything unless you have yourself experienced it absolutely with no doubt.  People will say that Prabhupadh says about first, second and third class people. Everyone thinks that I am first class person so I should not question and simply follow. I respectfully disagree with Prabhupadh's argument here. People who does not question, explore, contradict and simply follow will have doubts later in life. Those who are hard nuts, who are open minded to believe and disbelieve in anything, who first see themselves and then believe, will have far less chances of doubts in future.

3) Why Krishna? We can worship any god be it Shiva, Ganesha, Durga as long as we are not having any material desire. Is it because the scriptures say it or ISKCON community made the scriptures say it? If Krishna was known to be God, why didn't all the scripures clearly mentions it everywhere in every scripture. We find one line in scriptures telling Krishna to be god. But it may be referring to the quality of God (Krishna = all-attractive) and not as a person.

4) The people who consider god as impersonal, or buddist, jain people, they all have one thing in common, they do not believe, they experience first and then believe. This inspires them more and more in spiritual path.

5) We do not see any kind of miracle or supernatural in following ISKCON. I know, people will say the sun is a miracle, etc. but these doesn't work. Again, these are the answers made by previous achryas in their books and people are sticking 100% to it. Some will say you will taste it when you get advanced, but that may be the psycological effects of chanting and doing good deeds, nothing else. Some will say we are not that advanced as previous acharyas. I want to know who is advanced in iskcon. If the process is same, why it is not producing advanced people like Namdev, Tukaram now who have shown many miracles in their lifetime. People will say no no they are actually gopis named this and that etc. How do you know? Our acharyas have told us. How do they know? We have faith. How do you know that they know? On the other hand, in buddhism, or people who believes in impersonal god are showing miracles. For example: many people predict their time of death, there are many examples of people attaining sidhis. As far as I know, no such miracle is experienced in iskcon. I know that these sidhis and all are useless as Prabhupadh told, but still they motivates the person in their spiritual path. People will say all these things are automatically attained by people who follow the process. Please let me know any such example of that.

6) People generally feel that Prabhupadh is the upper limit in spiritual  advancement. How do you know? Prabhupadh went to Golok. How do you know? We can't be as advanced as Prabhupadh. How do you know?

7) In ISKCON people says that they feel estacy while following the process, so they must be moving in right path. My argument is that people who follow impersonal god, or any other personal god or no god or himself/herself as god are also feeling estacy. People will say their estacy is only a fraction of estacy felt through the prescribed process. How do you know? Have you experienced both? Then who are you or the acharyas to decide?

8) Prabhupadh says that Buddha is an incarnation of Krishna who has come to deceive atheist. It can also be the other way. Maybe iskcon is deceiving people to chanting, imbibing good qualities converting every attachment to attachment for Krishna so that later attachment of form can be removed to make them experience and meditate upon impersonal god.

9) What I believe that people are choosing ISKCON as it is a simple process (or let's say shortcut) easily available. Everyone is following it, so we should also. People believe that we are safe now. We have a community and family now. Now they stop exploring and comparing and start following. Further it is buttered by its authoritativeness and parampara, sampradaya etc etc. All this process stands upon one thing : one particular interpretation of scriptures, and not on scriptures.

My purpose is to question my faith not anyone else's. I hope I can get constructive arguments from YOUR experience and not from the scriptures or someone says so, so that we together can advance in spiritual path.


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  • Dondavots-brother I. Won't respond to the jab that there's a plot to drow in and then push away anyone to seek out other dimigods I do feel that if devotees want to hang these hats wholly on escaping all forms of this material creation center cent in this one lifetime I Say go for it I just have an issue with that much trust, personally. I'll headge my bet by understanding for myself as much as I can about all that I can about God's creations & how I. Might be of service to Him through them. Now & hear, in the mean time. "Krishna said there will never be one more dear to me than He who teaches the Navis about Hi's glorious pastimes & this opportunity to wake up their sleeping soul through this spiritual system of development of reciprocal relationships with Him & His devotees. So I'm for that. Day By Day O dear that is all I Pray! That you love me more dearly trust me more clearly day by day. Glory Glory to the boit like feet of the bhaktees. Which are the paddle like locomotion providers of the messengers of theGodHeads who are the only deliverance for the misfits & the fallin seekers of all wisdom like me and those like me/ us.
    Ji-ji-all glory to the Hari Bhakti only they please Krishna & only They could have saved ME!
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna prabhuji,


    I had answered 3,4 & 5 also. But foolishly deleted the post. I will rewrite my answer.

    3) Pls feel free to pray to Shiva, Ganesha, Durga or anyone else and see for yourself prabhu. The condition is that from beginning to end, the worship should be completely without any material desire. I am saying with so much confidence because I have gone through the grind - I have also prayed to these personalities for many years and was actually scared to give up the prayers fearing a backlash. I got some realisation because of which I coudl give up. Some things have to be experienced and cannot be explained. Still I have the uptmost respect for them and consider them much superior to us.

    Scritpures are rule books of how human being shoudl lead his life. Therefore they deal with all kinds of consciousness in men and all types and categories of men. Therefore, it is only natural that it is vast and say a lot of other things also.

    Have you ever seen a gadget made by man which has no function, no purpose? I am sure the ans is no. THen just think - if man has not made anything so far which is purposeless, how is it that GOd has made man without any purpose? Is it possible that human life has no purpose at all - simply eating, sleeping, mating and defending  like animals. Then what is the difference between human life and animal life? The manual of how to lead human life is the vedas. The secret of human form of life is there in the scriptures. In Kaliyuga, ppl are not expected to know the entire vedas, thats why the reliance on the essence - Gita, Srimad Bhagawatam.

    4) There is no path where there are no assumptions prabhu. Its like a geometry theoram we have all done in school - we start with some assumptions and end with proving those same assumptions are true. Try doing that with our scriptures and see for yourself.

    5) For someone aspiring for pure devotion, siddhis are very easily attained. THe aspirant rejects them in search of pure devotion which is considered to be most rare. We are not running after cheap antics to attract crowds. Our intention is to go back to godhead at the end of this lifetime itself. That involves getting over truckloads of karma and the resultant material contamination. Therefore, we do not aim to compete with magicians. The very fact that drug addicts, the hippies could be converted into happies and convinced to lead a life of renunciation and austerity - all their lives, even 40 years after the demise of the guru, is a miracle in our eyes. What is the use of a 1 min tantallising miracle - how will it help? Changing a person's mentality, purpose of life and making them adopt a completely alien culture is a miracle prabhu.

    Regarding pure devotees in ISKCON, I can rattle off a dozen names right now - pls do youtube search on the names I am mentioning and see/ hear their lectures/kirtan and decide for yourself. HG Jananivas Prabhuji, HG Pankajangre Prabhuji, HH Jayapataka Swamy Maharaj, HG Radhesyam Prabhuji, HH Gour Govind Maharaj, HH Bhakti Tirth Maharaj, HH BHakti Caru Maharaj, HH Radha Govind Maharaj, HH Bhanu Swamy Maharaj... the list is endless. Actually I am doing a disservice by mentioning just a few names.

    Regarding miracles happening in ISKCON, that is also by the dozen - we keep hearing about it almost everyday. I am surprised you have never heard anything at all. Pls be connected prabhu and try to trust once and experience for yourself. YOu will understand what I mean.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Need what your not understanding is that this is the phenomenon. Krishna's ETERNAL constitutional position is. Hi's abilitys & His Names are the most miraculous & dinamic of all mantras. Krishna is our power & our pride our transcendental JahgotGuru- & what ever swagger small or great our Sinyour teachers or the dimigods might extract preconceived Him to shear with them is incidental inconsequential in comparison to the prevalence and the all round pleasures and opportunity to help others like your self understand why you should redirect your minds thinking about #1the odds of is getting any karmic justus at death of this body from the authorities other than Krishna # I.e. the longevity of our life in a form that can be called a meaningful existence. The value of Reliance on the (ability) of (aneyone) other that Krishna to be reciprocal & compassionate & fair in their judgement of my Soul. Besides all that everyone/all religions & seers admit/ that there is (only one God) they gust don't agree on who the they person is. So that's my position my money my life & soul are all betting on it being Krishna. Because she has shown Me personally that much.
  • #5 What could be nicer than perfection? You /we have a truly peaceful (humain) people's (living a clean cultured lifestyle honoring GOD as they learn to hnor/respect all of His creation. Nothing Showbottle just simplicity and devotion. Service & confidence in Krishna's ability to parang for them their basic needs as they are educated! As far as dynamics are conference's what is it when with an hr. of simply calling out His Names one can enjoy karma free existence? That in & of its self is miraculous because it takes yogis week months & year's of (unnatural) self obsessing & other extreme austerity to accomplish! So they can you as around a little more energetic Swagger that those. Who choose not to demonstrate in that all but useless fashion? You say that Vishnava's are not producing quality Upstarts) -people willing to superimpose a superior impression onto others? #1 Krishna likes to show off ALOT & So foes Rama Hare I'd an instant blessing & when their holy names are chanted one's awareness is (immediately transfers into the Spiritual striatum. Hence what is accomplished for the uncommon intensities of those unnatural uncommon yogic practices over long protruding time & at the cost of their place in the "normal flow of life is accomplished by devotional services in moments by the bhaktees without disturbing but indeed enhancing the exzisyance of everyone & everything around them, which is nothing but more good karma.-) As far as devotes who are advancing unless and bounds without following to the letter continuously every word spoken by every vulnerable Vishnava's that ever lived, i'm one such devotee who would gladly compare the gifts and knowledge I'v accrued Spence joining Probupod's band of little angels.
    I feel like this'll I'm a migrant we all are because this body is temporary all religions recognise and acknowledge this and are intent on leaving this planet for another even the Vishnava's. Even so to accomplish that is no small task and the chances ad's much better if all of their/our efforts were. Being dovetailed twared personal perfection of our own existence as we, familiarise ourselves with devotional protocol & the HeadGods. However, in this way I. Might be playing my Back to The GodHeads in one-lifetime card. Quite as properly as instructed but I. Hear Heaven is nice enough, but if I in this lifetime can acquaint myself with Krishna & develop some small attraction to His Love I'll keep on traying from where ever I migrate. That's my position. Now hat to the wind, ride or die,- back to the GOD Head in this lifetime, Krishna Rhode. Krishna does what He wants to do & We have that in common. So a/our reciprocal relationship is working out pretty fine for me & I. Choose. His service over Mya's impersonalism any day. Yes I. Am angry even mad as hell about these circumstances but I'm not flinging-it my karma & Soul blindly towards the GodHead with some promise/that it might happen because I. Listen carefully & Krishna never promised that.He did say" that a better life is to be expected by /for one who adopts this (bhaktee Yoga path) so I'm looking for my upgrades & or if it pleases Him more service on this platform for 10,000 years if it pleases Him.
  • E-Counselor


    Let me confirm from you that you mentioned, “you need spiritual advancement" in the beginning of your statement.

    For your kind information, the ISKCON of the Founder Acharya HDG, Srilla Prabhupada is the only bonafied Society throughout the world where you can get the real practical spiritual understanding to advance in your day to day life. You can go to any nearest ISKCON center and stay couple days at least and attain all the program beginning from morning 4:30 A.M to night 8:30 P.M. Then only you can know what a practical experience you got. Simply by saying nonsense without experience does not help. If so, then you will be known as an insane person who has been hunted by a ghost who speaks nonsense things.

    Srilla Prabhupad says:

    "pisachi paile yena matichhana hoy..."

    "When a man is hunted by a ghost, he speaks all nonsense things."

    This is the first remedy of your entire stupid mind.

    Yes, ISKCON follower precisely follows what previous Acharya says. That's true. "Mahajan yena gata sa pantha"

    Whatever the great Acharya or Mahajan have shown the way, we must follow or else you will fall down in the ditch of a blind well. There is no question of testing "True or False" You must accept what higher authorities say. For example, you must accept what your mother says about your father's identity. If you go on doing research about who is your father by asking other non bonafide people, you will end with frustration and chaos. So, you must accept the truth of Mother

    Veda to know about your Supreme Father Krishna who is not impersonal. Just like your father is not a ghost. All right! Your father is a person who brought you into this world with conjugation of your mother. So, how can you deny this fact? Similarly, Krishna is the person whose body is spiritual with made of sat--eternal,cit--full of knowledge, and ananda--the blissful in nature. This is the absolute truth of your eternal father.

    2) Yes. you can question to explore the absolute truth and your relationship with Him. Why are you suffering? Where did you come from? Where will you go after death? What is your constitutional position? These are the real question.

    "Athato brama jinasa. “Go and inquire.

    3) Yes, Krishna is the only full pledged Bhagawan who is person. "Krishnastu Bhagawan Swayam"

    It has been proved by Great Mahajans like Asita ,Devala, Narada etc.

    For more understanding about His personal feature, please read Krishna Book By Prabhupad of ISKCON.


    4) The miracle of ISKCON is the taste of Love of Krishna which will distaste you from all material allurements and take you to back to God Head in due course of time through you practice of devotional services.

    5) You can realize the greatness and contribution of Srilla Prabhupad who delivered so many hippies in to happies and many mundane rascals like you to the spiritual world. You can know Prabhupad better by reading His books seriously daily at least one page.

    7) Yes, you can get the ecstasy when you will be intoxicated with the love of Krishna. This requires price to buy. Do you have ability to spend that much time to experience that state. So, keep doing devotional service 24 hrs. a day, then you will get the ecstasy only from Krishna, the Supreme Personality of God Head. Not from wine or coca cola  or from any impersonality.

    8) ISKCON is not deceiving any one ;rather , it  helps all conditioned souls who are suffering from all miseries through chanting the Holy names of Lord . It is your foolishness that chanting leads to Impersonals. But, if you sincerely chant without offenses you will relish the transcendental pleasure  and one day you can able to see the Supreme Personality of God Head Krishna face to face. Do not assume all the Acaryas were fool like you who saw and experienced Krishna.

    9) Yes, you should follow the people who are accepting ISKCON as a bonafide Society. May be you can make fool to one or ten people , not all the mass of people. After all , the government of different countries is not fool who allowed and recognized ISKCON as a bonafide society.  According to your nonsense mentality , one should do keep on researching about the truth in ISKCON. Yes, who denies it. Come on , we have a wide open door for you people. Come and spend time and experience about the Absolute Truth—Krishna and enjoy a blissful life or get loss in the pool of material nescience. Choice is to you.

    Thank you,


  • #4 how is it that you feel Krishna's
    educational system is lacking the opportunity of direct experience when quite the opposite is true that is the furthest offensive question you've asked so far, are you lazy or what? "1st. Deserve & then you can desier" that's what Prahbupoda would say ! So I Say do some service because as you say many are worthy of our respect & perhaps even our warship but then it is allso a fact the so are our Kith&kin as you said. So continue honoring all,
    but when you choose to dedicate your devotion to understanding Krishna just keep it in the order exclusivetivaty otherwise where is the sincerity & when your mind is filled with distractions how can you understand who's doing or saying what to you or on your behalf I.e. the progress /understandings will be much slower. Yes Exclusively is how He rolls.
  • Question #3 is Krishna the supreme. Narreannah Vishnu?
    Yes Krishna has been tested by all God's only to be realized by them as unequally qualified as the foremost among them all). Further other people honor other forms of God/Krishna because Krishna as God-can be' everything to everyone. He knows that some Egos are still in the intellectual mind state & the angry state & the infatuated state & the state of material desires & denial So He manifests in a form to accommodate their pleasure Krishna is about (not upsetting the villagers) but the end game is always the same, to guide us towards the one place we our hearts will be safe- (monotheism) All other Gods-U-Will find' are (Gunna avatars) meaning of the three natures of Nature (goodness, passion & ignorance) Krishna is master of all three. None of the others are! So krishna alone is all & all, in one place. Krishna is ETERNAL all souls are also So why should He rush or allow Himself to be rushed like, He would be doing if He aggressively put forward His position as the one and only personality worthy associating with. So krishna I'd playful, payshunt and competitive but HE. is not hiding or afraid. He said He wants our sincear love, & He -/Roddha-teaches us how to wine it. Through Bhakti reciprocation How do you say friend?
  • Question #2 is implying that Krishna consciousness is lacking or without the valued featur of direct perception but I. Say Only Krishna came Himself in our Age & time. Lived a rich full life, & provided an eternal process of individual expertise banishment to deliver His devotee to qualify (themSelves) to enter into or deliver themselves out of any & all realms & defend or express themselfs in any realms. Many of us don't know or seek to understand this spiritual science in that way because like the sahdus-of old whine they dutifully follow but that is what they are working with never the less, if the (Lame Duck card plays out to get them an express ride home BTTGH GOOD FOR THEM Is say however, for my own reasons I'm not that opportunistic. But I'm betting the rest of this life & the destiny of my Soul that Krishna's consciousness is the supreme- reality & supremely mercyful authority & preceptor. As the Soul is indestructible & eternal what is the need to be intimidated physically or subtaly. When Krishna has offered me the all attractive all encompassing eternal truth. & that way is as simple as the courage to face the truth that you & I (jivaAurmas) don't count 4 scat, except for our ability to get out of our own way and offer up Krishna's infinite Prama. This ability It is (at once) you & at the same time NOT U. You will be empowered by Krishna as long as you can accept that He alone is the Soul source of all powers, the perfect & supreme person) the most perfect of all erfecred personally Bhaktee IS the Supreme Scince because it is the source of the Supreems own energies
  • I think you would have to agree as we have that all those peggunistic-religious approaches are (Show Bottel) Like FireWorks just a big big bang sizzling out into ash only all to quickly,likes drops of water in a vast thirsty desert or like glow worms in the night all very impressive to the naked eye but unable to offer any substances or permanent solutions or releafe to anyone in fact!?
  • What can those War mongering heathen Speculating philosophy & Religions acomplish?
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