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Is doing exercise good for spiritual life???

Hare krishna!!!


               Nowdays, we have seen  that lot of  people are more interested in body rather than soul.They do lot of things to decorate body like wearing good clothes,wearing ornaments,etc.  Youngstars  used to join gym,yoga,play games kike cricket,football etc. to make their body fit and fine.They also do strenous exercise.But my question is that how this can help in devotee's life??

How exercise helps in spiritual life???

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  • Hare Krishna ,

    Everything belongs to Krishna and hence the body also belongs to Krishna. There fore it is the duty of the devotee to maintain his body. Hence if time permits we do exercise to maintain healthy body because it the duty of the devotee to maintain healthy body as the body belongs to Krishna.

    • Hare krishna!!!
      Which type of Excercise can devotee do to maintain body????

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Taking care of body, thinking it to be temple of God is also devotional service. Keeping the body fit, so that one can do devotional service unhindered, is good for spiritual life, isnt it? 

    The trick is to strike a balance, to know when to ignore the demands of the body (like fast days - nirjal ekadasi, janmastami) and when to let the body take adequate rest before or after a festival, so that the body is fit to serve guru and Gauranga in whatever capacity.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare krishna!!! 

      In what way exercise helps me in devotional service ????

      • How to do Spiritual Meditation Yoga at home , you've to just sit in a comfortable posture either on chair or on ground and then concentrate the photo on your forhead together with chanting the Divine mantra for some minutes..atleast try..take the experience...and make your spiritual life more better..thanks

      • Do Siddha Yoga Excercise , it'll make you spiritual for the whole day......

        watch this video explained by a Devotee of Radha-Krishna

        and download and read the pdf too, it'll help you very much for the excercise......

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