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Is the direction (east, west....) is so important in setting up Lords Altar at  home. Because generally elders say ( not in KC) that lords should face this or that particular direction only.

While we give much importance to this we may loose prime locations at home. My understanding is, we should give priority to the most important view when we enter our home, other factors   are insignificant.

Am I correct or wrong...,, Please guide me.

your servant

rameswar kanai das 

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  • many thanks for your valuable guidance and comments prabhuji


    rameswar kanai das

  • Volunteer

    That is in sathya yuga. And King Satyavrata was doing meditation for which all these rules are there. In devotional service all these are not important and need not followed. In the temple, when we chant in the morning, we sit in circles and chant. I really don't think any one would even bother to see what direction we are sitting while chanting.

    Having an alter is important. If it is placed in such a way that who ever comes in can take darshan of Lord easily, then that is more important than to stick to the direction. If we can still keep the alter face east in such a place at home that every one can benefit, then it is still good. But this is not the case in most of the houses today. Our home alter is facing East (we are lucky in that way). But it need not be the case every where.

    I was hearing from a very senior devotee last week in sunday feast. He was saying that our devotion is very important and not how or what we are doing. There may be a BIG temple with all facilities and nice deities and worship standards and temple is constructed according to vasthu shastra and all But if the devotees are not having devotion then Lord will not be present there. At the same time, if we only have a set of lamination at home and following instruction of Guru and gauranga very nicely with devotion, Lord will be present there and can be felt his presence.

    Srila Prabhupada translated Bhakthi as Devotional Service. If we are doing that sincerely, then no need to follow any thing else.

    • Magnificent prbhuji

      Now mind is crystal clear because of you and I wish this must be the outcome and came also, thank you very much

      keep guiding me

      your servant

      rameswar kanai das

  • Volunteer

    I repeated what I had heard from my seniors. If possible, we can follow it. But if its not, then it can be ignored.

  • Volunteer

    we are not dyan yogies but aspiring bhakthas. After speaking the whole BG, what does Krishna say...? Sarva dharman paritjya, maam ekam sharanm vraja... abandon all verity of religion and simple surrender onto me...

    Krishna is all auspicious... if we have faith in Him, then no need to follow all these rules and regulations. But if one is not ready to surrender to Krishna, then one has to follow all these kind of rules very strictly...

  • Volunteer

    The direction is not very important. However, if it is possible to follow to face the Lord in East direction, it will be good. Generally, South direction is considered inauspicious by karma kandies.

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