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I want to ask about karma. For example, If my own relative or friend getting attacked by a bad person for a bad reason like Showing a knife for money, trying to rape, or bullied and touched sexually then what to do? If I defend myself or defend my own people by harming the attacker then it would be bad karma for me?

As my responsibility should I defend them by harming the attacker or just let it happen whatever is happening?

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  • Having been involved in such situation is bad karma itself. The rest in not that important.

  • If my own relative or friend getting attacked by a bad person for a bad reason like Showing a knife for money, trying to rape, or bullied and touched sexually then what to do?

    Also please report this incident to the police. At that immediate instant, try to save the person who is being harmed which is the right thing to do. But these people should not freely roam around in society and so please also report them and spread the word on what happened. Please don't be quiet and let them get away.


  • Hare Krishna

    There are four kinds of aggressors who need to be punished as described in Bhaktivedanta Purports and no sin is incurred for killing them.

    1) One who sets fire to a house.

    2) One who administers poison.

    3) One who attacks suddenly with deadly weapons.

    4) One who kidnaps or entices a wife.


    • E-Counselor

      Actually, Srila Prabhupada mentions 6 kinds of aggressors prabhu. Please see Bhagavad Gita As It Is, Chapter 1 and give the other 2 types of aggressors as well. 

      • Yes, one who occupies another's land and one who plunders riches. BG 1.36 Purport

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    In Gita it is said that inaction is also karma. If you just stand and watch a wrong doing, simply because you dont want to incur the reactions of karma that will come with action, that inaction is also karma which will bring reaction. Entire Gita is that only - do your karma, even if full of faults. If possible, do your karma as a service to Me, or in consiousness of Me, if not, then offer the results of your karma to Me, to be away from the reactions of karma.

    If you see any wrong doing happening, and you are in a position to do anything about it, and still you dont, that is certainly bad karma. 

    We have to do our duty at all times. It is our consciousness that determines whether we will get reaction or what reaction we will get.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hare Krishna prabhu,

    Well, you wont just stand and see the scene like movie over the screen. Your involvement surely will be there. Karma means action. You cannot stand and run away like a coward when someone is being bullied. As per Bhagwad gita. Krishna told Arjuna. karma should be done without thinking of the results of the karma.

    Do nishkaam karma. You cannot run away from when dharma is being broken. You must fight as you are a citizen of the country and it is your prime duty to save someone from injustice. But then don't think of the probable result of the karma done. ( What will happen if i kill the guy? will I be punished for the sin?? ) this all doubts shouldn't come before doing karma itself you are doubting and estimating the end results then how can you do the karma? that is what Krishna told to Arjuna isn't it.

    Fight against injustice leave all the result of the karma on ME ( Lord Sri Krishna).  Do your prescribed duties without this doubts and running away from the duty is nothing but cowardness.

    Secondly, According to Indian penal code also there is a section that one can defend oneself against attackers.

    ( provided it must be similar one. If the attacker hits you you should and can hit him back as defense, If he tries to use foul language. you may try to keep cool and show anger and resentment, If the attacker uses a weapon one can use the weapon to attack him ...and try to not use the weapon until it is most necessary) depending on the attacker the person can respond).

    If he just using knife or some lethal weapon then try not to hurt him in defense but in case he dies while defending also its not a sin..or cuplable..! You tried your level best to stop him but he was lethal so you had to kill him. Killing is a last resort.

    Okay, As far as bad karma good karma. Every karma you do has some good and bad attached. There is nothing called good karma completely and nothing called bad karma completely.

    just like if there is a fire there is smoke also attached to it ... so also every karma you do has some good and bad karma. 

    So why fear when you are taken shelter of Lord Narsimha and Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. Just do the karma. and offer all the results whether good or bad to Krishna. Let Krishna deal with it. Surrendered soul never faces the results of karma. He perfectly knows that Krishna is his Savior. There is no worry then.

    Every endeavor is covered by some sort of fault, just as fire is covered by smoke. Therefore one should not give up the work which is born of his nature, O son of Kunti, even if such work is full of fault.( 18.48 BG).

    One who is beyond duality and doubt, whose mind is engaged within, who is always busy working for the welfare of all sentient beings, and who is free from all sins, achieves liberation in the Supreme.( 5.25 BG)

    Hare Krishna.

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