• coca cola contain pesticides ...only a fool can think & will offer this things to krishna.....but krishna will not accept have only power to offer ...but you cant force krishna to accept your follishness...........

      • Prabhuji, I am not talking about coca cola but the cola flavour or concentrate like by rasna, does it have any intoxicant?

  • it contain......tea.....i know lots of maharaji in iskcon don not drink packed juices what to speak of coca is toilet cleaner you are thinking it  to offer it to krishna......i think you please know more about krishna ....krishna eats fresh butter......krishna dont eat butter if it is old for more than a hour.....& you are thinking to offer cola which is old more than months...........haha...plz dont mind....i m popular for my harsh words............

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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Cola per se is not desirable. I have read some mails about cola drinks having some non-veg in it. If you are making cola at home???? soda? Soda with any flavour or rasna with soda? I think thats ok once in a while, though I am not sure its sattvic. I mean if you are putting love and devotion, then why cola? Why not water or coconut water - something sattvic.

    I will still check further from a senior mataji and revert if I get more information.


    Your servant,



      Kindly opine whether this can be made for offering.

    • Mataji I am not talking of coca cola but the cola flavour or concentrate like by rasna. Does it have intoxicant?? This is because I don't want my family members taste any fizzy drink from outside sources

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