• Please try to understand-

    Devotees use normal sugar which is refined by charred animal bones:

    In India milk and milk products may be adulterated as much as upto 80%.

    Almost all of fruits in regular market are ripened artificially using carcinogenic agents.

    So if we want we can engage in all sort of debates on purity.

    Else simply go ahead and offer Krishna anything vegetarian and non-intoxicant by standard knowledge :)

  • Volunteer

    If you are making home made cola (ie. from actual ingredients) such as this:

    then it is acceptable because you're making it yourself. 

    • PAMHO! OK agreed I should make home made syrup. but if that's the condition then widely popular rose syrups should not be purchased either, but should be home made only.

      Also, devotees should not offer any kind of mango or other fruit syrup which is not home made, but thats not the trend usually

  • Belari cola is vegetarian and without caffeine, so is it offerable?

  • whatever it may be ..plz dont give nay chemical to krishna..........if you offer krishna wont take is your desire.....rasna is made of chemicals...if dont believe go tho their production house........

    • PAMHO

      Let me tell something i know

      deity kitchens in iskcon temples worldwide use citric acid, baking soda these chemicals r used for bhoga preparation

      Now my question is there if available a vegetarian product without caffeine (eg. belari cola); can it not be offered, because its a squash in pure water. Not a cooked item with karmas etc.

      please consider and opine

      thanks and regards


    • but devotees use rooh afzah and other concentrates for making sharbat. should this also be stopped?


  • Hare Krishna Mataji, Dandvat!!!!!!!!! Mataji I would not advice you to offer cola drink to Lord Krishna as it is as equal like as acid.  I had read a report on coca cola drinks, in which there all the side effect had been shown.  I can not write those word in this forum as I do not find it cool to write but mataji its like a phynayal, this cola disease has been spread by United States and the report which iam talking about that was also shown by the U.S. media only.  This aerated cola drink has gradually replaced our pure & healthy drinks like lassi, chanch, lemon water, coconut water & many more.  This cold drink company like Pepesi, Coke are doing million of business & they are investing crore & crore on marketing of it.  Drinking Coke or Pepsi is like invite to disease,  so please do not offer it at all to Lord Krishna.  You can offer lemon water, fresh milk, butter milk etc to Lord Krishna.

    Hare Krishna Mataji

    Your Humble Servant

    Bhuwan Dutt Bawari

  • To the ONE who pervades entire universe as the Supersoul, do you really think He has any problem with Rasna or Coca Cola etc? He is already there inside everything and every being. Please try to understand the Supreme.



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