Bread contains yeast. And I heard sum few dayzz back that kalonjee adds taste of onion to food.So is it satvik to consume??? Last but not the least,,, IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RAJASIC AND TAMASIC WORDS ???


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  • hare krishna prabhu ji,

    from what i understand, things that are described in krishna lilas as Krishna accepting them can be offered to him. lactobacillus, yeast as well as plants are living organisms.The main point is what krishna accepts as offering and what he doesn't - all that he accepts is satvic , rest is not. The details only the senior devotees who have studied the scriptures can tell us. to be on the safe side - all that is offered in the isckon temples can be offered to Him.

  • Volunteer

    So is yogurt fermented.

    Tandoor Naan made in a vegetarian kitchen can be offered to the Lord. Tandoor naan is chapati floor with yogurt and baking soda.

    Sourdough bread has the same formula. So technically if the sourdough bread is baked fresh it may be offered to the Lord.

    Bread with yeast, I dont know.

    Although I have seen other groups offer food with nutritional yeast to the Lord.

    I too would like to know for sure If bread with or without yeast can be offered to the Lord.

    What about Neutritional yeast, that is known to be super food.

    Sarvopama Dasa Prabhu, any comments?

    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      Dear Shravan Prabhuji and fellow Bhaktas, I asked Kurma Dasa who is the Chef in ISKCON from Australia regarding this issue and he gave me some information but I feel it's still not complete but at least there is some confirmation regarding Yeast.  I asked him to point us in the right direction for the complete info. Waiting for his reply.




      Kurma (das) ACBSP (Sydney - AU)

      to me
      show details Apr 7 (6 days ago)  

      Dear     ,

      Yeast is not such a good thing to offer to Krishna. Best to make traditional
      breads. Fermentation/culturing of idli, jallebi and yogurt appears a little
      different to yeast, and especially since commercial yeast is a by-product of
      the brewing industry, it is not a high-class ingredient.

      Hope this helps,

      best wishes,



      Cooking With Kurma
    • and many recipes here on iskcondesiretree recipe column demands yeast and all.. and also naans, idlies, dosas are offered to lord in temples too...

      if they r not offerable then y r they posted here by administrators??

      plz clear my doubts

      • Hare Krishna mataji,

        even i went thru iskcon reciepes so that i can cook..and they have kalonjee ingredient in their dishes..

        as per what i remember i have seen bread sandwiches at temple whch means breads r offerable bt r they made with different procedure then???


        • Jai Shri Krishna..


          Regarding the Kalonji,  I have with my inferior knowledge put it in Rajasik category because of it description.  If a devotee with perfect knowledge on this advises otherwise then please let me know so that I can correct my statements.  I feel if there is any doubt then that doubtful ingredient should not be used until proven otherwise.


          • hare krishna prabhuji,
            as per what i did see in ths site's reciepes..kalonjee is recommended..its in khichari reciepe i guess so..and secndly its very kind of you who is discussing ths very seriously..thank you..
  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Please forgive any errors and please feel free to correct me if I have erred.


    Food when bought ready made from none Vaishnava devotees are not offer able to Krishna because we don't know how it was handled or prepared.  If the bread contains yeast then also its unofferable. A vaishnava should not eat anything thats not offered to Krishna.  Yeast is a micro organism w$ith single cell structure.  The bread falls in Tamasic category since the fermenting process of the yeast.


    Kalonji falls in Rajasic category since its pungent, bitter taste and smell.  Its not related to onions. Follow the link for kalonji.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nigella_sativa



    Sattvic foods :

    • Are fresh, juicy, light, unctuous, nourishing, sweet and tasty.
    • Give the necessary energy to the body without taxing it.
    • The foundation of higher states of consciousness.
      • Examples : juicy fruits, fresh vegetables that are easily digestible, fresh milk and butter, whole soaked or also sprouted beans, grains and nuts, many herbs and spices in the right combinations with other foods,...

    Rajasic foods :

    • Are bitter, sour, salty, pungent, hot and dry.
    • Increase the speed and excitement of the human organism.
    • The foundation of motion. activity and pain.
      • Examples : sattvic foods that have been fried in oil or cooked too much or eaten in excess, specific foods and spices that are strongly exciting....

    Tamasic Foods :

    • Are dry, old, decaying, distasteful and/or unpalatable.
    • Consume a large amount of energy while being digested.
    • The foundation of ignorance. doubt, pessimism, ...
      • Examples : foods that have been strongly processed, canned or frozen and/or are old, stale or incompatible with each other - meat, fish, eggs and liquor are especially tamasic.
    • hare krishna prabhuji,

      i loved the way u explained it..this is what i was searching..thank you ..for throwing light on my poor knowledge..



    • Volunteer

      Yogurt also contains live cultures of unicellular organisms Lactobacillus. Yet it is offerable to lord. Unicellular organisms, as reason for not offering to the Lord is not correct. If bread should not be offered to the Lord, there may be other reasons.

      Sour dough bread is made with Lactobacillus as well. Idly, Dosa etc the dough is made with the same Lactobacillus or yogurt culture (To make Idly paste, some add yogurt and some let it acquire Lactobacillus naturally occurring in the atmosphere).

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