Invitation to participants as a"Divine Habitat" in first Virndavan village in India.

Invitation to participants (all young followers specially house holder or “Grihasth of Srila Prabhupada, dedicated to fulfill mission of Varnsramadharma), as a habitat in first Virndavan village in India.
There are so many followers of Srila Prabhupada, all over the world, having desire to take active parts in His mission of Krishna Consciousness. But due to modern destructive, puzzled and complicated city life style, they are unable to take active and proper participation as per their expectation, inspiration due to unmatched atmosphere of modern city life, in which they are feeling no more scope to resided there. And there are no suitable plate form, still not be establish, as per Srila Prabhupada’s vision, for householder follower/devotee, this project is suitable for them. This is burning need of day due to collapsing circumstances of modern system of misdirected civilization.
This is also a nice investment scheme for those who have desire to settle here directly, without going through hectic training program for basic earnings, required to properly settle in proposed Virndavan village( This is now only for Indian citizen)
There is another provision for those participants who have little capital for investment and also unable to face hectic training program due to their sharp intelligence but with sophisticated nature, will settle as per norms of intellectual class of Virndavan village.100feetx 100feet land in proposed Virndavan village free and Rs. 5.00 lacs loan( to establishment there own dairy farm for nice earning), without interest will be provided.
This project is specially most suitable to those young, educated, unemployed youth, who are seeking a “rich job” to fulfill their reasonable material expectations which are properly matched with their Krishna Consciousness practice, as per Srila Prabhpada’s great desire .The beauty of this project, there’s no fee, hidden charges or any other financially requirement from candidates. We need your dedication in mission of Srila Prabhupada, honestly, willing to work hard only( If you are at present not having strong body, no problem by practice in agriculture and allied activities and use of cow products, it will be gained in short time!), This physical requirement needs training and then further practices of innovative Vedic agriculture based on cow protection & propagation.
Collapse of modern civilization
The Modern civilization is going to collapse soon by its very painful inherent contradictive nature. Since their actions are in the category of vikarma or unauthorized activity as stated in the scriptures, it is bound to fall any time. The ugra karma activities of present civilization is making one more and more conditioned to unnatural life leading one to various problems bodily, mentally and environmentally . Therefore the collapse is inevitable.
ISKCON- the savior
Therefore to save the world from the above crisis, the one and the only way that is effective and impressive, and that will sustain for the next 10000 years is the ideology of ISKCON. ISKCON is that organization, which have this ideal social system by which the whole world can be saved by its self sustainability –the varnasrama institute.
ISKCON till now is not effective to bring in to practice the above ideology of the ideal social system-The solves the above crisis.
Without Varnasrama dharma there is no effective roll for ISKCON in future world, and without ISKCON there is no scope to save world.
Varnasramadharma can be reintroduced only on the basis of strength of bhagavat- dharma, by mercy of lord Chetnya. Srila Prabhupada said that we should start first by establishing model communities (Virndavan Villages) in ISKCON.
To establish varnasrama is one of Srila Prabhupada’s crucial instruction.
We need to bring about a complete overhaul of society.

When there is a standing order given by Srila Prabhupada’s, there is simply no way to avoid it.
Just as it is an emergency that we must become Krishna conscious, it is also an emergency to establish varnasrama!
Then there is a need to MAKE VIRNDVANA VILLAGES!
Varnasramadharma is centered around the cow
To protect cow means to protect real agriculture or “Vedic Agriculture”. Without cow products like, oxen power, ghee, milk, curd( to develop fine tissue in human mind to understand spirituality & maintenance of physical body), cow urine and dung there is no possibility of Vedic agriculture .By Vedic agriculture we can establish self sustainable Vedic economics system (Or Spiritual economics system or Barter system). Ideal Varnasrama dharma system rests on this Vedic economics system. So, again it does prove Varnasramadharma is centered on to the cows. Therefore to protect cow means to protect world!
So, this is the burning need of day- Protect cow!
But, How to protect the cows?
Follow the instructions of Srila Prabhupada:
Srila Prabhupada’s instruction towards this end is; ‘India should lead the world in protecting the cows’.
“Our cow-protection program in India should be the exemplary standard for the whole world. “
Now, this exemplary standard program is taking shape through this plan:

The plan to accomplish the above task- towards establishment of Varnasramadharma in a set up of Virndavan village.
There are innovative, integrated, comprehensive and practical plans that already exist having 20 years of extensive practical level work done in India, based on teaching of Srila Prabhupada. This work was carried out at Jaisalmer district in western Rajasthan, the most appropriate place in the world for establishment of Varnasramadharma in a first phase of its inherit revolutionary activities. There are excellent facilities already existing from at the above place by the mercy of Lord Krishna which are as follows:
Widely spread natural pasture land( biggest in India) available of Sewan grass (Lasirus Sindicus)
Habitat of one of the top most breed of cow in the world- the Tharparker,
Govt of India has established, one of the biggest irrigated water project here covering area of 20 lacs hectare budgeted at Rs 4000 crore since 1959, a comprehensive developed infrastructure most suitable for establishing so many varnasrama communities in a minimum time with comparatively low requirement of resources!
A comprehensive developed infrastructure is now ready for this purpose.
It implies Lord Krishna has already planned to develop this infrastructure for Varnasrama dharma system, even before Srila Prabhupada’s departure to USA!
In this area, in ancient time (in Vedic era), the pious Saraswati river was flowing,
There was lot of ashram of great sages situated there, along its bank.
So, again history is repeating itself now in the form of establishing first working model of Varnasrama dharma here, as a role model for rest of world due to the reason that-
This is fast emerging as a hot tourist spot in the world level!
Day by day foreigner, as well as indigenous tourist’s population is increasing.
They are seeking an alternative ideal life style. For this purpose this developed infrastructure and natural Vedic life style (now in a declining stage), opens the door of great potentialities, to expand this varnasrama mission to whole world in an as effective and impressive way in a short time. This as well is a better economic proposition comparing to any others in the rest of world.
How can you take participant?
First of all register your name in this organization (ISSCOP), as per prescribed form( form and more detail will be provided after your request on first email There is no any fee.
Methodology to your participant: After deep scrutinize of your applicant, we will invite to you for further discussion/ interview for your suitability in first batch of first Virndavan village.
Because this is a just revolutionary concept, we need candidates of first batch as a strong by all means to make sure success with first attempt.
As per Srila Prabhupada:
“……..It is not Krishna consciousness movement is for the lazy fellow. No. It is meant for the strong man. Strong in body, strong in mind, strong in determination, everything strong. Strong in brain, it is meant for them because we have to execute the highest goal of life.”
(Transcendental dairy-page 468)
After selection of right candidates, ISSCOP( Indian Society for Cow Protection) will provide training of Vedic agriculture, based on cow protection and propagation, here in our different farms.
The training program is an unique of this kind. Selected candidates will be rewarded a significant amount( depend up on your performance) as a foundation capital, which is requirement further for their own contribution parts of subsidiary schemes of loan, facilitate by ISSCOP through various scheme of govt sector. Then whole final amount will be consumed to set up your own venture as per innovative plan of ISSCOP, to settle yourself with your family in proposed Virndavan village. Require land, for the purpose of your farming/ cow protection activities or for your residence or other common community purpose, will be provided by ISSCOP, on lease basis/rental basis, as per your requirement of your role in Virndavan village!
So, hurry up, we need 1000 followers family (Potential devotees)/devotee for first Virndavan village in India!
Preparation for establish a first model village in India.
Allotment procedure with state govt for required land for village 400 hectare, 25 km far from Jaisalmer city at a nice ideal location, suitable for Virndavan atmosphere is almost in final stage.
Govt of India has already been theoretically sanctioned for ISSCOP a project in SGSY special scheme of rural ministry. Project cost is 15 crore. This project for 11120 educated unemployed youth to provide a beautiful permanent job in Vedic agriculture in a proposed “cow sanctuary” of 10 lacs cows which will be protected from slaughter houses.
Rs. 1 crore is laying apart by district administration for establishment a “Vedic Agriculture Institute” (The Varnasrama Collage).
There are more than 34 related project of subject matter is in process of sanction in govt sector.

Hare Krishna!

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  • Hare Krishna Sager Jadhav Prabhu,

    The project location would be in Jaisalmer district of western Rajsthan in India.25 km from Jaisalmer city, north side.

  • Hari Bol! I have been waiting all my life for such an opportunity. Thank you so much, I cant wait to join.


    Hare Krishna Prabhuji

    In one word, I would say "Wow!!!". It was really a wonderful and quite exciting detail of the forthcoming "Vrndavan Village" in India. I read the whole passage. Indeed I am very much intersted in it, may think of it in more detail soon.

    I have been inspired about Cow protection for the last few months after getting in touch with HG Sahadeva Prabhuji's books like "To Kill Cow means to end civilisation" and "Cows are cool". And was further encouraged to get into proper detail with practicality by HG Ghanshyam Prabhuji from Jasdan (Rajkot-Gujarat).  Amazing devotee is he. Jai!!!

    One humble suggestion: Please divide the above passage in clear and defined paragraphs with heading for easy understanding of those who are eitehr less intersted to read or at best who are curious to know "what's for me?" Just a good heading in different para will help the "curious" to look for details into it.

    Looking forward to serve you in the service of Srila Prabhupada

    Your fallen servant

    Mohnish (Delhi)

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu,


      Is there anybody who has interested to help me to write this article in a impressive way? Because I have little practice in English language!

      Your servant in the service of 'Gomata'

      Bhaktavtsal das

      • where would be the project prabhu ??

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