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invitation for grand event .....

Due to some Technical reasons 4th jan 2014 Shivaji Park Rath Yatra is

Next date and further info will get updated on

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  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna,

    Wonderful, wonderful. The main theme is Go raksha (cow protection) which is so important in Kali Yuga.

    The natural environment of cows is being destroyed when humans replace the grazing grounds with buildings

    and other industrial companies or even with profit making initiatives.

    It is very important that all devotees become conscious that Krsna's first concern is the welfare of cows.

    In Goloka, he wakes up early and goes to look after the cows together with Balramji and other friends.

    The children love cows and cows love them and cows love any persons who care for them.

    I am not living in India but I do my best to help cow protection in Mauritius.

    Swami Prabhupada gave many great quotes on cow protection.

    Congratulations and I wish that this Ratha Yatra gets plenty of success.


    • HK !!!

      thanks for such nice comment.
      pls watch video and if u like it then pls share it on your social media channels.

      hb .... :)

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