Investing in stock market, gambling or business?

Hare Krishna,




  I am planning to invest in the share market but as per the notion that goes in

ISKCON it is considered to be gambling. I don't understand how that can be, when

you are investing in the business as share holder. Every business has some anxiety

involved in it and as a share holder one may inherit those attributes it doesn't mean

that he has become gambler. We all need money for some reason or the other then

what is wrong in making extra income to satisfy needs of our family. I understand

one shouldn't endeavour for more but looking at the rise of modern day price levels,I

personally feel that one has to do some other arrangements other than regular income

until and unless it doesnt effect our sadhana. Need proper advice from devotees.


Your servant


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  • Different people may have different opinions.

    I think of a very simple example

    If i have a provision stores or some shop, then I can decide the timings of the shop, i can decide the brand of products to be kept for sale, I can recruit people and decide their salary and many other things.

    You buy a 1000 shares of reliance or infosys. Can you say to reliance that I'm your business partner, you have to listen to me. You open a reliance fresh mart near to my house. No way.

    So how can you say that you are doing a business when you are not being heard by the business. But if you have a good percentage of share in the company and you are involved in all the managerial decisions, then you can call it a business.

    Hence investing in share market, mutual funds or any other market linked products cannot be considered as a business be it long term or short term, unless you have a voice in the management of the business.


    If you are not satisfied with the income from fixed deposits, then invest in properties and rent out that property for regular income.

  • Dear Aakash Prabhu,


    Please accept my Humble Obeiances.All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.


    As per my understanding we have No Gambling rule in Iskcon so as remove as much as possible anxieties & excitement that come with Gambling .Investing in stock market is a sort of gambling if you wanna do for short period of time i.e. intraday to make a quick buck because by nature stock markets are very volatile that what gives you an oppurtunity to make profits or losses. If your investing for Long Term i.e. 3 years or more to take part in Business by buying stocks if you have necessary understanding of that field then its just like we do business.But the main point is your sadhana doesnt have to get affected.To make extra income there are other ways too you can have a look at them too.


    I am also attaching a link of the similar question asked to HH Bhakti Vikas Maharaj on stocks markets & his answer.


    Your Well Wisher,

    Acharya Das.




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