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Intuitions and Krishna Consciousness!!

Hare Krishna!!


A friend of mine keeps talking about intuitions and conscienses.He says that his intuitions are what Krishna wants him to do.According to him Vedas,Puranas and all other scriptures were given by ordinary humans only.I told him to read Gita but he said that his life experiences taught him enough about life.Even if i try to preach about Krishna consciousness he would say that i am in the clutches of Maya and that i should reconsider my thoughts.He holds some weird kind of thinking,according to him even by enjyoing one's life one can lead a life of a YOGI.I don't understand how??

I dont understand why he connects his intuitions and life experiences with spirituality??

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  • His Love for Krishna is fully there, it is just hidden, and He wants you to play a very serious game of opening it up for him. That is my take. Hare Krishna.

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    Hare Krsna,

    Dandavat Pranam, PAMHO, AGTSP.

    Extract from Srimad Bhagavad Gita on topics such as different types of persons, devotees, faith, devotional service.

    I hope the explanations below will be of guidance to explain what is going on in the mind and false ego of your friend.

    But mataji Rohini is right, hare krsna music/chanting and prasadam are extremely important to help your friend come to Krsna Consciousness even if he does not want to.

    "There are many transcendentalists in the path of spiritual self-realization, but one who is not situated in self-realization cannot see how things are changing in the body of the living entity. The word yoginaù is significant in this connection. In the present day there are many so-called yogis, and there are many so-called associations of yogis, but they are actually blind in the matter of self-realization. They are simply addicted to some sort of gymnastic exercise and are satisfied if the body is well-built and healthy. They have no other information. They are called yatanto ’py akåtätmänaù. Even though they are endeavoring in a so-called yoga system, they are not self-realized. Such people cannot understand the process of the transmigration of the soul. Only those who are actually in the yoga system and have realized the self, the world, and the Supreme Lord, in other words, the bhakti-yogis, those engaged in pure devotional service in Krsna consciousness, can understand how things are taking place."

    "There are many pretenders who refuse to work in Krsna consciousness but make a show of meditation, while actually dwelling within the mind upon sense enjoyment. Such pretenders may also speak on dry philosophy in order to bluff sophisticated followers, but according to this verse these are the greatest cheaters. For sense enjoyment one can act in any capacity of the social order, but if one follows the rules and regulations of his particular status, he can make gradual progress in purifying his existence. But he who makes a show of being a yogi, while actually searching for the objects of sense gratification, must be called the greatest cheater, even though he sometimes speaks of philosophy. His knowledge has no value because the effects of such a sinful man’s knowledge are taken away by the illusory energy of the Lord. Such a pretender’s mind is always impure, and therefore his show of yogic meditation has no value whatsoever."

    "Without coming to the stage of devotional service, one cannot understand what is the Personality of Godhead. In the Srimad-Bhägavatam it is also confirmed that when one becomes purified by executing the process of devotional service, especially by hearing Srimad-Bhägavatam or Bhagavad-gitä from realized souls, then he can understand the science of Krsna or the science of God. Evam prasanna-manaso bhagavad-bhakti-yogatah. When one’s heart is cleared of all nonsense, then one can understand what God is."

    "The faithless cannot accomplish this process of devotional service; that is the purport of this verse. Faith is created by association with devotees. Unfortunate people, even after hearing all the evidence of Vedic literature from great personalities, still have no faith in God. They are hesitant and cannot stay fixed in the devotional service of the Lord. Thus faith is a most important factor for progress in Krsna consciousness. "

    "Sometimes people are under the impression that the soul is different from the body and that when the body is finished, or one is liberated from the body, the soul remains in a void and becomes impersonal."

    "As stated in the Brahma-samhitä, Lord Krsna is the Supreme Lord. No one is greater than Him; He is the cause of all causes. Here it is also stated by the Lord personally that He is the cause of all the demigods and sages. Even the demigods and great sages cannot understand Krsna ; they can understand neither His name nor His personality, so what is the position of the so-called scholars of this tiny planet? No one can understand why this Supreme God comes to earth as an ordinary human being and executes such commonplace and yet wonderful activities. One should know, then, that scholarship is not the qualification necessary to understand Krsna . Even the demigods and the great sages have tried to understand Krsna  by their mental speculation, and they have failed to do so. In the Srimad-Bhägavatam also it is clearly said that even the great demigods are not able to understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They can speculate to the limits of their imperfect senses and can reach the opposite conclusion of impersonalism, of something not manifested by the three qualities of material nature, or they can imagine something by mental speculation, but it is not possible to understand Krsna  by such foolish speculation."


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    I wouldn't argue with such person much BUT start feeding him or her with nice Prasadam and make him or her to attend Kirtans.

    Hold her hand and make her dance, jump.

    Be friendly and make him/her to do some practical services for Devotees and Krishna.

    No more arguments.

    'yes, You are great! You are correct! If so please help me with this and that please!'


    Your servant,

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