Interfaith Relationship

Hare krishnaCan anyone share their personal experiences in a Interfaith marriage (Hindu -- christian/ jew/muslim).1. Is it ok having both the marriage ceremony?2. In case both the spouses are very religious and loyal to respective religions , how they live under same roof in the spirit of common family value.Greatly appeeciate your comments or valuable inputs on this matter.Hare krishnaRegards,P Sinha

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    There are lots of marriage bu-roes in ISKCON Temples. And senior Prabhujis, Matajis who can assist You finding a suitable girl. We have so many nice girls in ISKCON. 

    Faith is the deep desire of the soul. So if one has different faith then it will be really difficult to live together. Always they will try to pull each other to their own.

    Because they want unity but having different faith on God, it is tough to be united.

    What religion will kids follow?

    Again that might be a problem.

    Your servant,

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    Hare krsna prabhu,

    The journey will not be easy. Forget interfaith, even within the same faith there will be differences in terms of how each rule/principle need to followed. It all comes down to how accommodative each other are towards the actual progress between two individuals toward becoming spiritual.

    More than understanding, the ego comes between regarding which is better and that is very very hard to overcome. At the start of a relationship, these factors are overlooked as we are inclined to go by our attraction towards that person. But once we have their constant association through marriage/relationship, we get put off easily by their actions/traditions/rituals, especially if its something that we dont strongly believe in or agree. Thats where the trouble start.

    I am not discouraging you regarding interfaith marriage, but putting some points there for you to consider.

    Write back if you have more questions.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    Hare krsna.

    • Hare Krishna.
      Thanks for your replies.

      Ofcourse its an ideal marriage if the couple belong to same faith and tradition. But sometimes its not possible to get a KC spouse.

      I was only looking for practical experiences of couples belonging to different faiths - how they live together as 1 family with common values and same time remain loyal to their respective faith without offending anyone.
      What kind of spiritual practices they follow? strictly conservative or more liberal?

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    If both of them are strict followers of different religions then life won't so easy.

    If in case it happens then wife should try at least externally accept the faith of her husband. 

    If he is a Muslim, she should cover her head etc.

    And take permission from her husband to follow her religion also.

    If people are already saintly people, who crossed the fanatic stage then they may have mutual understanding.

    If not, then it is better to be careful and more tolerant. 

    Better of course if they are from same religion.

    Your servant, 

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