Hare Krishna,When I chant Gods name , I am getting intense pressure between eyebrows and it is constant , not able to understand what is happening.Experience is very peaceful .Can some one explain .Thank you.Hare krishna.

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  • many wonderful things may happen after chanting ... the universe is so huge , we are so tiny. our brains are also very tiny

    we may not be able to understand everything . . . 

    best is not to worry abt "side effects" and keep focus on Krishna & His service , many super powers will come , but it is also maya's trick to divert u from krishna .. keep focus on krishna and service only 

  • If you concentrate between your eyebrows you can feel pressure there because the energy starts to build up there.

  • When the third eye chakra is getting activated people usually feel pressure between eyebrows.

  • I honestly couldn't tell you. Perhaps you were thinking about Krsna or it is His way of reminding you to direct your attention towards Him.

    Hare Krsna

  • PAMHO,

    I have had this happen to me many times as well. Sometimes very intense and lasting hours. I can not think of anything from scripture that explains it directly. The only thing that I can think of and what I attributed it to was the third eye chakra which is associated with spiritual vision and understanding. The way I see it chanting and reading are the spiritual equivalent to working out so you get sore so to speak. Except instead of muscle you are rewarded with spiritual insight. Keep in mind this is all just speculation and not something I pulled from scripture.

    Hare Krsna,

    Your Servant,


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