Inspiration to start a cow sanctuary

Dear Devotees of Krishna,

      I live in Kansas City,MO. and there's a piece of land that would be perfect for a temple and cow sanctuary and a garden for all devotees of ISKCON and love of Sri Krishna. I just don't know where to begin. Any suggestions??



                                     A devotee of Krishna,


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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Please contact the local ISKCON Temple and take help/ ideas from them,before you commit to such a big project.

    THank you very much for the wonderful thought.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD


  • Hare Krishna,

    The idea of building a temple and maintaing a cow sanctuary is just great no doubt you are having a really great, but the thing is the investment and funds. I have seen property prices in Kansas. The land is cheaper there. Okay let us say you purchased some few acres of land. But are you ready to construct a temple. Just a small one also would be costing min. $200,000 or $300,000 dollars. At the start you may start with raising 1-2 cows. Kansas is  cold place. You may need to keep a cow shed for protecting cows from rain and snow. Then fodder for the cows. At the begining you can start as a small temple at a home. when people start gathering might have to inform the govt. to get some legal issues cleared. like disturbing neighbors etc. or some other stuff.. paying taxes or commerical use of the place. US legal business registration, licience and permits. ( for which you may need to pay for the lawyer).

    Over and all you must have minimum amount of $500,000 in all. In case you want to run a non profit organisation and collect funds&donations from people. You need to have a big devotee circle and establishment. There are some pros and cons. But overall. You can do is simple make a good big home and install deities and make a shed raise few cows.You may need a vetarnarian and some local helping hands to clean the cow shed. for them also you need to pay some wages. But ofcourse some income can be generated by selling milk and ghee and such cow products and natural cow urine .. It all calls for more labor and more investment.

    every pain has a gain. But I really appreciate the idea. Even I personally like this idea of having small temple personal atleast and one or two cows ..if I have some place. :-) garden also. flowering garden and flowers used for decorating the deities. milk and milk products for making prasadam. Wow such a great dream.

    I would really want to have a tulasi garden and daily pluck tulasi manjari make big big malas and put for Lord as garland. A cow, a flowering garden, a tulasi vana and small temple. what else do anyone need. But dreams apart ... this is a big investment.. need many people's helping hands.. support and donations from many. Ya, and it wont stop there..It keeps on growing. 

    just saying  buying a cow itself may cost around $10K to 25K. a small scale investment is good for personal use. If you want to do it on large scale. You will need help of many devotees..and labor is not free.

    not only this you have deal with so many people then ego clashes might come at some point. so many pros and cons. But again its worth while.  Saving even a single cow is rewarding. You are so soft hearted so nice to see such beautiful devotees. Even the idea is noted by Krishna. Thoughts are future actions. Very nice .. All the best.

    Hare Krishna

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