Initiation concerns

Greetings. I am a little worried that if I let myself get fully immersed into my new found love for chanting that I will be unable to take initiation because I live too far away from a temple and don't know any local devotees. Will this hinder my path? Many thanks for your help. Tony.

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  • Hare Krishna,

    One of the devotee asked my spiritual master a question. If somebody in Amazon forest is interested in developing pure love for Krishna how can he do it and get initiated. For which my spiritual master replied - Krishna will send a spiritual master to Amazon forest for that particular person to develop Krishna Bhakthi.

    Just keep chanting sincerely and see what Krishna has in store for you.

  • Thank you all for your association I am of the understanding that Krishna is the ultimate organiser & you should believe and trust Him. That by Devine arrangement, if you chant your prescribed rounds for one year the in & of its self is an equivalent to being innesheated. Devotee association is also helpful
    Gurus & ashramas all help, but the love of chanting Will be selfsafishunt-in accomplishing the fulfillment of "all" & any needs and aspirations! Please practice-Trust Faith, devotion & payshunts, & the Holy names can/and will accomplish all things, by divine arrangement. Thank you for your question & association everyone! Haray Bolah. Faith is the capitalist to our spiritual connection with God who can and does do all things, hence the (direct experience)/perception gained from chanting alone, is safeshunt to deliver the mind from it's infatuation for Mya/material energies & liberate it from all doubt fear and ignorance. So Prahbu, for now, keep developing your awareness of & affection for chanting and Krishna will make any arrangements needed as you develop in you ability of expression of your sincerity I believe. May Good Luck be your constant companion for you and all liberated souls who have submitted to devoting their trust in the GodHeads. & thank you all for your extraordinary association.AnuntacotiVishnavas ki-ji. Haray Haray Bolah
  • hare krishna PAMHO , to answer your question i must tell you something that my guru told me " IT IS NOT IMPORTANT HOW CLOSE YOU ARE STANDING TO THE ALTER DURING AARTI , BUT IT IS IMPORTANT HOW CLOSE THE ALTER IS IN YOUR HEART" similarly it is not important how close you are to the temple , but how close the temple is to your heart,chanting is like a medicine , one must take it in prescribed doses, and as long as you are chanting with a devoted heart you are gaining krishnas mercy , and as far as association is concerned i suggest you visit the temple and ask the authorities about namahattas or other types of congregations is your area. also this wonderful site here is a congregation s well. hope i was able to answer your questions .

  • Prabhuji, thanks for asking this good question. Allow me to share my advice from my knowledge and experience.

    Do not limit chanting just because you are not initiated. That WILL hinder your progress far more than not becoming initiated.

    Initation into ISKCON has little to do without developing love for Krishna. Before ISKCON, people were chanting the holy names of Hari and experiencing ecstasy, and they will continue to do so after ISKCON is gone. But while ISKCON is here, you could take advantage of the association of devotees, and maybe someday you will decide to become initiated. For now chant and be happy.
    • Devotees forgive me if I under-represented the importance of the association with devotees. It is just that my own personal experience leads me to believe that sometimes it is best to meditate by oneself and chant with only Krishna before you.

      ISKCON has provided us wonderful resources for developing love of Krishna and I don't think anyone here would be offended if you utilized those resources and helped us fellow devotees out, without ever becoming initiated. Some may say otherwise but where I live, people are more interested in our character than our initiation status.
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