• Pranam Prabhuji.

    No one is called by birth brahmin kshatriya sudar or vaish. it's called so by just their karmas if their karmas are like brahmin he is brahmin and like wise if he belongs to government services like army military police etc are kshatriye. I can say in a direct way that the karma or action is the only base which you can decide which caste are you belong. lord loves all he never discriminates his fellow people on basis of caste. All are equal in his eyes and everyone can chant his name whether he or she is child man women housewife poor or rich sick or healthy. yes he mostly sees the karma of his fellow beings. and mostly favors those brahmin or devotee who serves him with love always keep remembering him and never do adharmas.

    I hope you got your answer. 

    Thank you prabhuji for asking question, one never learn without inquiry.

    Your Servant: Narayan Das

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