hare krishna

can anybody tell me that how scientist conclude that sun is more farther away from earth as comparedd to moon? if this is true than it is contradictory to our scripture..so kindly can anybody clarify my doubt regarding this topic..plz..

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    Hare Krishna,

    The vedic texts consider the Bhumandala (Earthly plane) as the reference for calculations of the distances. So According to the scriptures, the sun lies in between the planes of Bhumandala and Bhur- Loka. The moon is a heavenly planet present in the Bhur loka. So if we consider the absolute distance from the earth (planet), sun is farther but when we take the reference as bhumandala (as mentioned in the scriptures), sun is nearer than the moon.

    I have attached a picture for your understanding.

    Thank you,


    • hare krsna pr ji thank you for your wonderful reply..but in this picture we can see that moon is farther from sun...then how can it be near in terms of absolute distance from earth?as it can seen that sun is near then how it can be far in terms of absolute distance?

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        Hk pr,

        This picture is not exactly of same size, just to illustrate, i made it.. The sun is also revolving in its own orbit. The bhu loka and bhur loka are much closer if you take actual scale. So the vedic literatures measure the distances from the bhuMandala, and not from the earth planet. This is the reason that they say sun is closer than the moon.


        • okay pr ji .so our scientist are right when they say that moon is much closer than sun because they take earth as a refrence position? hare krsna

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            Yes prji, if you take earth planet as reference, moon becomes close, as we observe it everyday.

            For more info and references, you can try reading "Mysteries of the sacred universe" by HG Sadaputa Pr.



            • thank you pr ji.for guiding me..so can plz send me e-book of which you have mentioned..i do not have this book..kindly send me the e-copy of this book..

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    first let them prove their opening concerning the distance between Moon and Sun then only we will try to do something. Only some TV shows or some articles on newspapers is not a proof.

    Whether some times newspapers tell a lie, TV shows also but we can't find lie in any place of Bhagavatam. In this way we just accept Bhagavatam.

    Your servant,

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    Hare Krsna p
    humble obeisances
    If we go on the circumference of the earth, the distance will be longer as compared to the scenario when we go right through the middle of the earth to the other side. But we cannot go through the middle of the earth. similarly , if you put a circle of water around an ant , it won't be able to get out, cuz it cannot see 3 dimensions. but we can jump over and come out. This universe is 4 dimensional cuz our brahma has 4 heads and if we consider all these 4 dimensions we will understand the Vedic details. Our scientists can see only 3 dimensions and on that basis they have concluded their findings, which is not complete and hence not true. There are detailed explanations of these in the shashtras.
    your servant
    rakesh roshan

    • HK Pr, PAMHO, Very nicely explained.

      In SB 10th canto, we come to know about 100 headed and 1000 headed Brahma. Obviously, this means there are that many dimensions to the creation of Lord.

      The 4 vedas, upanishads, puranas is full of such technical knowledge and powers of each individual demigod that counts to 33 million.

      That is why we follow Vedanta, end of all speculations. If we want to understand everything by logic and scientific proof, then our miniature life time of hardly 100 years is not enough because 50% we spend in sleeping, 40% we spend in earning, 10% of life is wasted in TV and cinemas. Where is the time to read scriptures. The language it is written, to understand the language will take many many life times.

      So, come to Vedanta, surrender to the ultimate and glorify Him because one will have to naturally do Bhakti Yoga after understanding all vedas, upanishads, and puranas. So, why do it later ? Do it now and just Go Back Home, Back to Godhead.

      Hare Krsna

      Your servant.

    • thank you pr. ji..so kindly plz explain me by shastra reference..through its quote..

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