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In bhagvatam it is stated that one who commits sinful acts goes to the hellish planets

hare krishna

In bhagvatam it is stated that one who commits sinful acts goes to the hellish planets then why people are given punishment in this earth according to the karmas one performs

We see that many people in this earth are suffering , the cause of the sufferings are due to his karmas may be in his previous birth so why that persons is not sent to some hellish planet , why he has to suffer on this earth .

HariBOl !!

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Jai Shri Krishna..


We all are suffering the effects of our misdeeds and our Karma has sent us to various places in the universe to rehabilitate.  According to our misdeeds we attain certain form and certain planet etc.  


We all are suffering from our Karma and until we understand and accept that we are Krishna's servants, we will suffer. In higher planetary systems you are not without some sort of suffering. Not until you accept your position as Krishna's servant.


Hare Krsna,

His Divine Grace has given explanations about suffering in this earth planet and other planets in the Srimad Bhagavatam and during conversations. 


From the Srimad Bhagavatam Second Canto:

"Beginning from Satyaloka, the topmost planet of the universe, situated
just below the eternal Brahmaloka, as described above, all the planets
are material. And one's situation in any of the many material planets is
still subject to the laws of material nature, namely birth, death, old
age and disease."


Below are extracts from a conversation of Srila Prabhupada and other devotees:

Prabhupada: Yes. Yes. There are different planets.

Indian man (4): There are many people who suffer in this world itself.

Prabhupada: So they are first of all trained up in that hellish planet and then they come here to suffer the same standard of life.

Indian man (4): When our soul gets out from our body, it goes to the hell or...

Prabhupada: Hellish planet.

Indian: ...hemisphere or it take birth immediately afterwards?

Prabhupada: Yes. Those who are sinful, they do not take immediately birth. They first of all trained up in the hellish planet how to suffer to become accustomed and then they are taken birth, then suffer. Just like you pass I.A.S. Then you become an assistant to the magistrate. You learn. Then you are posted as magistrate. Even if you are fit for going back to home, back to Godhead, you are first of all transferred to the universe where Krsna is now present, and there you become accustomed. Then you go to real Vrndavana.


Hari Bol,

hari bol prabhu g.....

but somewhere i listened that good people after their death enjoy the goodness of their karma and then they come back again on earth to get out of the birth-death cycle.......means it is not necessary that only sinful don't take immediately birth.....

hari bol..

pls someone guide on this

Hare krsna !!

Good goin Akshay 

Earth is a middle plannet. Neither hellish nor heavenly. Although some portions of the earth are in hellish conditions, like starvation, a conditions in which God realization is extremely difficult. Its hard to chant when you are starving to death.

About the first part of the question: Srila Prabhupada once said that when a person kills another and the judge orders murderer to be hanged. This is an act of mercy on judge's part because, when the spirit soul takes birth agian, they come back with a clean slate. Had the judge not ordered the murderer to be hanged, this person would have to take birth and get killed by someone else, in the next life, as a result of his karma.

Hope it makes sense why there is punishment on this earth. Its an act of mercy from the King/government.

Jai Shri Krishna..


Thank you for clearing up about the punishment met on earth for one's misdeed etc..  Was always thinking about that.


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