• If Krishna's standerds are to high for the common community s of the planet So what* Still Hi's Bhakti Science will be effective "Hence, thus as you said RahdaDD the aim of life is fulfield Certinly on the/an individual's mission's standpoint I.e. Krishna's Science is as I know it' Ultimately & foremost about the individual's relatiinship With God Himself)? Baddah bing bah'dah'bang as for. Other cultures experimenting with Our Mantra the Brahmen know the path & the way in to the heart of God (as servants) as is most natural & proper! Karma is unpredictable but RahmaKrishna are Golden. Wht is the Gift of ISKCON TO THIS WORLD besides the Highest Truth,"As it is " nust see the cognishent personalities at it's ultimate core The fanatical and friendly
    God Heads.?
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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Krsna Consciousness is the need of the society, simply because the purpose of human birth is to do sadhana to go back to Godhead. The side effect of being Krsna Conscious is that, even in this material world, we become examplary good citizens of the world, no non-veg, no leather belt or purse (100% PETA compliant), no intoxicant (good health), no gambling and no illicit sex (ideal family life). Plus early to sleep and early to rise, makes the society healthy, wealthy and wise. 

    All glories to devotees.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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