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Illicit Sex

Hare Krishna to all,

It is said by Srila Prabhupada that if any disciple breaks any of the four regulative principles then his spiritual master along with him has to suffer for his sinful activity.

It is also said that if any of the four regulative principle is broken after initiation that leads to multiple times suffering to that person because he promised his spiritual master to follow all 4 regulative principles throughout his life. 

Ques. :-> Does it means that before initiation anybody must be sure that he shall follow all 4 regulative principles throughout his life otherwise IF ANY BODY HAS EVEN A LITTLE DOUBT IN IT THEN HE MUST NOT TAKE INITIATION?

Ques:-> The greatest enemy or the most powerful instrument of Maya is Sex. It is impossible to control it in few years. No body can be sure that he has conquered sexual desires. Within Marriage, Sex other than begetting children is also considered as an act of illicit sex. I don't say that it is impossible to control sexual desires in marriage but I think that this is the most tough Rule which requires more time because it is the root cause of material bondage and the most powerful enemy to spiritual life.

My question are

(i) Does it mean that anybody who is trying to control sexual desires but is not sure of controlling sex within marriage must take initiation only after marriage to first ensure this.

(ii) Does it mean that anybody who is trying to control sexual desires but is not sure of controlling sex within marriage must not marry a devotee boy/girl so that he would not break boy's/girl's regulative principle to whom he marries.

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  • When in grihasta ashrama couple deside to have sex, they approach their Guru and he choose auspicious time for that .

    All married ones who have sex without wanting kids and without consulting Guru or Brahmana, cant be called grihastas, but sinful grihamedhi. 

    Nowadays, principle of not involving in Illicit sex is wrongly interpreted by unqualified preachers who think they are spiritually advanced.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    THe thing to understand is that none of us are powerful in front of maya. It is only by the grace of the lord and His devotees that we are able to overcome maya and thus control our desire for sense gratification. THis grace comes from our sincere desire to serve guru and Gauranga. A manifestation of the sincere desire is our strict sadhana. So the root cause of success in spiritual life is sincere desire and sincere sadhana. That does not mean that one never falters when one is sincere. It simply means that with sincerity, the sadhaka tries to follow the regulative principles and tries harder after every fall down.

    Now to answer your questions:

    1) Before initiation, one has to know and understand the 4 regulative principles and follow them. Its not so difficult to follow.

    2) Prabhu its like saying that one should not take his car out on the road until he becomes an expert driver. How is it possible. One has to practise - with all the traffic, to be able to get the confidence that one can drive. That same way, its not so difficult to control sexual urge if one sincerely desires to. The idea is that after each falldown, one again gets up, again does sadhana more sincerely and the couple help each other in controlling the urge.

    I) No such necessity - already explained with example of driving.

    ii) Nobody can be sure of controlling the desire until one gets a chance to indulge. The idea is that both help each other in controlling the desire. There are some ground rules that one doesnt break under any circumstances. That much also if one does, Krsna helps in the other.

    Dont think so much prabhu. Simply go ahead with the initiation or marraige - whatever is playing on your mind right now.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD  

  • Chanting holy names of the Lord purifies from all sins, but that doesnt mean we can do what ever we wont, because doing sins on behalf of chanting holy names is offensive.

    We need keep trying our best to control ourselfs.

    Anyway, sex in grihasta ashrama is only aloud for reproduction, not for pleasure.

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