What to do when I feel bored?

If one is having some feelings of monotony and boredom, is it okay to take a humbler approach and watch some television show? I was planning on watching a TV show which may later be dovetailed in doing a psychology project.


like how people work in a group(organizational psychology) in the TV show Lost - where people are lost in an Island and then come back.

Any one else feel it is too austere to be KC occasionally? It is blisful generally. Any KC ways to get rid of boredom or monotony?


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  • Thanks for replying. I will surely check out that website.

  • Traveling to holy dhama is another great way I learned to get rid of any such lack of enthusiasm.

  • All answers are very good. They are all very helpful. Thank you all for your great advicee.

  • hare krishna Prabhuji
    It is said that swans possess a unique quality in them
    if v mix water and Milk then it will only drink Milk,
    So its nt lyk all T.V programs or movies r misleadin ppl,
    So u cn watch that thngs which is nt misleadin us or only conveying message of sense gratification
  • boredom is a manifestion of ignorance

  • hare krishna

    try reading krishna books and his past times coz dey make you feel happy and some past times are really enjoying that you just feel like you are with him.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Yes, if the program is helpful then we can watch. For example, these days many Devotees are watching new Mahabharata on TV.

    But one program comes along with so many ads that distract our mind to so many things which is not so good for peace of mind.

    Still now for 9-10 years I do not watch TV. Because I do not find it needed in my life.

    Whenever I want something educational I search on Youtube and watch or hear.

    But when I am bored I do next things:

    ***i read books which i find interesting - ayurveda, Srila Prabhupada's books, astrology, numerology, arts ....

    ***play in musical instruments



    ***Gossip with my Devotee friends

    ***clean up the house

    ***be in the nature

    ***may make some sweets and distribute Prasadam

    ***watch devotional movies on CD....

    But usually i do not have time for getting bored.

    Your servant,

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Anuj Prabhu,


    First of all, if that TV show is helping you in some psychology project, then why are you trying to justify watching it by saying you got bored. If it is part of your prescribed duty, then by all means watch it. Else, if you are watching it to free yourself of monotony and boredom, then you will find that everytime that show is on TV, you will miraculously start feeling the same monotony and boredom from devotional activities.

    If you do feel bored, then watch some youtube videos - you will be surprised at the amount of material available in internet - videos of lectures, abhishek, serial on the life of SP, kirtanas, kirtana mela, temple openings. There is so much variety that there is no scope to feel monotony.


    YOur servant,



  • that is awesome. I just watched Panchattatva abhishek on youtube and that was awesome too. I feel maintaining cleanliness around also promotes mode of goodness which helps get rid of such feelings.

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