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    Hare KRsna Saroj Mataji,


    Our philosophy is that maya is not false - like how others say - jhooti duniya, jhoote bandhan, jhooti hai yeh maaya, jhoota saans ka aana jaana, jhooti hai yeh kaaya.... we say it is not false - it is temporary. You can see the material manifestation around you na - the trees, the buldings, the tv, your body. you can touch and feel it na - then how it is false? It is not false, it is temporary and attachment to it brings misery.

    What Srila Prabhupada is saying is that maya has to brought into the service of the lord. Maya is the external energy of the lord. The only way to get out of misery in this material world is loving devotional service to the Supreme Lord.

    I hope I have been able to explain somewhat.


    Your servant,


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