• Very nice explanation Balaji Prabhu.

    Another question that might arise from this is whether God knows the future or not. If He knows the future, then how could we have free will? If He doesn't know the future, then He's "not" omniscient.

    Well, the answer is that God has Acintya Sakti. Krsna has many Saktis, such as Hladini (bliss of the Lord), Samvit(knowledge), Sandhini (existence), Acintya (ability to do inconceivable things), etc

    Krsna can do inconceivable things. Krsna can make a circle to become a square without the circle losing its qualities. Krsna can make someone more powerful than Him, yet He'd still be more powerful than Him. In this world, we have some example of some inconceivable things.

    In science, Light is considered as a wave since it has properties of waves. Yet, it also has properties of particles which is contradictory. Either Light should be wave or particle and it can't be both, yet it is both.

    Similarly, Krsna can do many inconceivable things such as creating a mountain which He can't lift and yet He can lift that mountain without contradicting the original laws. We may not exactly know how He does it, but everything is possible for Him.

    So, similarly Krsna can know the future, yet give free will to Jiva. We can try to explain as far as possible to people's understanding, but we should keep one thing in our mind clearly. When you take Lord into consideration, you have to consider that He has inconceivable things. But that doesn't mean, we can't explain anything. We can explain somethings about Krsna based on the Vedas and Acharyas to whom Krsna has revealed Himself.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    The university creates a course as per its own plan. The university has full control over the course - Syllabus , exam dates .... etc are decided by the university.

    However university gives free will to the student. Either the student can obey the university's instruction and get a pass or disobey the instruction and get a fail.

    Similarly Krishna's has his own plan of creation , its maintenance .....etc. Krishna gives free will to the soul. The individual can obey Krishna's instruction and remain with him in Vaikuntha, free of miseries or disobey his instruction remain in mortal material world full of miseries.

    Hope that clarifies.

  • Hare krishna, 

    Krishna's knowledge is not just limited to understanding the natural or material world, but also to understanding the living entities. 

    Krishna knows how an individual will chose in a particular situation and hence places them in certain situations to fulfil his plans. 

    This is a very simplistic explanation of a very complicated topic. Hope that helps. 

  • 1. We have free will to have desires. Material desires brings one result, but transcendental brings another.

    2. We are just observes in material body, but because of illusion we think we are doers.

    3. Material world is like a  night dream, but because of our experience trough material senses, we consider it very real. 

    4. Correct understanding of Absolute Truth need to start with question ''Who am I and whats my nature '' 



  • You are assuming that everything you do is free will. Your thoughts, feelings, are partially chemical reactions of the brain. All subject to this material world.
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