I am working in a private organisation. But salary is not enough so that i can make life of my parents comfort. They are living in a very low class 2 rooms on rent. In rainy season water falls from roof in the room. They are bearing summer and winter as the house is open.They are living with other tenatns as well.

I want a government job so that i can help them and i also living on rent i have to buy a house. In my present organisation i didn't find any exposure my knowledge is very less. I want government job so that peacefully i can do work and help my parents and my family. Please pray to god and ask him not to give more problems so that we can enjoy spritualness.

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                • E-Counselor
                  All it will take is one simple conversation. Sit with your MIL, FIL and husband and discuss that a lot of food and effort is going waste because of lack of coordination. What can be done to ensure that there is optimal use of resources? Ask your MIL nicely, in front of everyone, if there is a festival in the temple, and you are bringing prasadam, please tell me in advance. I will not cook that time. It will help me also. I can devote that time to do some other (pending housework, which is always there.) Ask them, pin down responsibility and ensure compliance. As simple as that. What is the need to suffer?
                  YOu are sending so many posts on how MIL is behaving on Radha Ashtami, but you are not praying to Radharani even once. If you pray to Radharani and say - Ma, this is my problem. What can I do to please you? Automatically you will feel relief.
                  From your many posts, I have understood that you don't want solution. You only want to blaspheme MIL. We are giving you solutions, none of it is even thinkable for you.
                  You are not in a situation to sit and think clearly even, you are so consumed by hatred and envy.
                  Please calm down. Take a minute and think what you want - you want to solve your issues or you want to endlessly rant over how she is misbehaving with you and blaspheme devotees and devotional process in the bargain.
                  Come back once you have done this.
                  And please, no more stories about how she is misbehaving. We get the picture.
                  You want to help yourself or not, you decide.
                • Hare krishna,

                  we all understand what you are going through but when you know you are right why fear...and more over sabse pehale meeti chez kilathe hai fir kadve...same thing krishna is doing to her its her karma she is ust building a palace over her karmas and she shall dwell in it...but what you should focus on right now is how to brake the foundation of your karmas the only answer is chanting keep chanting mata ji ....focus on r devotional life first then see the others...and more over how long will she be independent just as how the child is dependent on you she will be dependent on you when she becomes old then there will be no issues for you she cant boss over you...time heals everything mata ji...just dont think about it thinking about all these will only harm you but not her...dont waste your time on her....i personally believe that to forgive is a freedom everyone should experience....so forgive let he do what she wants remain undisturbed that will be the biggest defeat in her life...lets talk logically now suppose we have -5 and we add -10 what does it become ? -15 which is far more negative than -5??? isnt it but if we add +10 to -5 what does it become +5 more positive than -15 ?? definitely....be too gud to the ones who are too bad to you time shall make them good too. more over you have krishna by your side connect to him converse with him talk to him share you feelings with him make him your only goal surrender to him and he shall take charge of ur life he will become the sarathi for your life and when he takes charge nothing in all the 3 lookas can defeat you....thats all i wanted to say mataji ....just remember one thing mataji.....this too shall pass....keep chanting

                  hari bol!
                  for ever in ur service,
                  utthama gauranga dasa.
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