i m really frustrated wht shud i do 

i was in vrindavan temple whr i got inspired by our spiritual masters and now whn i want to do some thing frm my side to krsna my family is not ready they bring me back to nasik and not allowing me to go in iskcon temples plz tell me wht shud i do?

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  • tnx so much for ur opinions 

    @radhadasi mataji thnx so much now my parents r ready we r going to vrindavan i will do seva in temple and stay thr 

    hope i will make thm devotee also hare krsna hari bol

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      Please do not forget to perform Sankirtana in the streets everyday. Even if it means sticking your neck out the window and giving a single shoutout of "Hare Krishna" (if you are unable to go out Harinam that day).

      It is very easy to practice Nagar Sankirtana in Vrindavan. Get in the habit of performing Sankirtana in the streets everyday, So when you leave Vrindavan, you will be able to take Vrndavan with you and distribute Krishna Prema to all, when you return to your parent's home.

      Umang Prabhu, kindly send me your blessing that I may have as much desire as you do, to serve Krishna.





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    Umang Prabhu,

    How old are you? This may be a key factor for someone to advise you.

    Brahamacharya is something everyone should go through in life, you only want do it properly or correctly.

    Your parents may be misunderstanding it to Sanyasa, because of safron clothes worn by brahmacharis.

    You need to clarify what your intention is, to your parents, so they dont feel like you are giving up on life.

    If you want to do something from your side, for Krishna, why no go on Harinam Sankirtana everyday by yourself, if no one else is available. It is your generation that can bring back the Sankirtana movement.

    No better way to preach than Harinam Sankirtana.

    A friend of mine a direct disciple of Prabhupada, was having almost daily association wih Prabhupada and had to go to Hawaii. He asked Prabhupada, "What should I do, should I stay here or can I go to Hawaii?" Prabhupada Said, to him, "Krishna is everywhere. You can serve Krishna in Hawaii or you can serve Krishna here, so you go to Hawaii and serve Krishna nicely there"

    The point I am making is You can serve Krishna where you are.You simply take kartal or better yet, Mridang and chant in the streets of Nasik along with your friends.

    Hare Krishna

    Ps. Kindly refrain from preaching your family.


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      Radha Dasi mataji, it is difficult for the eyes to read capitals. If you are going to say a lot, kindly use small caps.

      Hare Krishna.

  • Hare Krsna Prabhu


    Please introduce your parents to KC. dont runaway from your house at all. make them have prasad. make them visit iskcon temple in your city often, once they become aware of what iskcon is and how nicely brahmacaris work, they will slowly but surely agree

    Also, please consult some brahmacari in a temple in your city. they will give right advise

    Hare Krsna

  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Sometimes our desires should be suppressed for the happiness of our family..to a degree.  Try to get your family to become Krishna conscious.  It will be difficult but you will uplift them as well.  Slowly you can introduce them to temple activities and living a Vaishnava way of life.  With time they will become more and more Krishna conscious. Would that not be better then abandoning them?  Finally if you do decide to run away then you would have known that you tried your best to get them to become Krishna conscious and you had no alternative. 


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