Hare krishna to all devotees. All glories to srila prabupada. I am 2nd year engineering student. Now i am spending lot of time in browsing krishna consciousness websites and reading bagavad gita. Few months before i regularly study my subjects and i am the top scorer in my class. But now my marks are going low. Bagavad gita says do your duty without desiring the results. Please tell me how to concentrate and understand my subjects without attachment. Because without attachment it is impossible for me to understand my subjects. I was trying to perform my duties in krishna consciousness. Please help me.

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances!

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    It is very nice Sivabalan Prabhuji, that You opened Bhagavad Gita and started to read it, isn't it?!

    Yes, Bhagavad Gita As It Is changed many lives of many suffering souls and protected them from the verge of mental, spiritual death. 

    Because real knowledge is light. When there is light we are able to see everything as it is. What is bad, what is good...


    Now about our studies:

    Our life should be regulated. No matter we study engineering or medicine or just dancing. This body and mind also soul needs enough rest, food, ....

    If we study engineering it does not mean that we should spend all 24 hours in studying that subject but when our mind is clear then we will understand and memorize the same subject within few hours. 

    Because of that proper timetable is important. It says in healthy body healthy soul. 

    We should try to eat on time, sleep on time, study on time, do spiritual practice on time, associate with our friends, family members on proper time...


    No matter what is our job or duty we have to do that perfectly. In order to show example to others. Only lazy people run away from material duties. But if one is serious and honest then he will work hard. For example, there are many Devotees in ISKCON who have very high degrees in education field and they are using it for Krishna. 

    There are doctors, engineers, writers, film makers, signers, teachers...they are doing their best and at the same time chanting very nicely, find time for coming to Sunday programs, attend Bahgavatam classes...

    Your servant, 

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