I need a mentor

Being very straight forward Bcoz of the material miseries here I m spiritually inclined but I love krishna as my brother and am 100% sure he is with me. I want to be very very famous but bcoz of constantly sufferings am not able to focus on my dream. I think that if I will get a mentor he will guide me I will questions about what is going in my life how to handle this situation and that and also how to grow  spiritually in short I want a mentor do I have to be intiated to get a mentor......

I constantly listening to other successful persons like vivek bindra pr he said that his mentor told him to do this so this thing is imprinted in my mind and for me guru's words are like definative clear goals for me that if he said this to me I have to this in any any condition that's why I want him so that I can have a path and someone is there to guide me to help me as I chose my college in delhi jst bcoz it is the nearest I can choose but it is still far away to go and other iskcon also not accesible  so no association is also affecting my bhakti which going downwards I slip from 8 rnds to 2 rnds bcoz i dont know how to manage bhakti in busy schedule do i have to watch lectures? Or not...

I am longing to go to iskcon delhi but expenses are more even on sundays so 1 sunday in month is there for me to go there and thia ia not sufficient for me 

Please tell me how can I find my mentor.


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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna dear Aditi mataji,


    You appear to be very young. Yes, mentor is required, sometimes at different ages. It would be good if you could get someone to guide you. 

    For now, you could do online sanga - this would be cost effective also. Join on Zoom or youtube. You could see the morning mangalarati of say ISKCON Eaast of Kailesh temple, or Vrindavan or Mayapur temples. Try to see everyday. You can chant when you are seeing arati online. This will make you increase from 2 rounds. Try to be steady in fulfilling your committed number of rounds everyday, come what may. You could join whatsapp group where you will get forwards of deity photos or other good posts related to devotion.

    Chanting is more important that reading or hearing lectures. So if you dont have time, prioritise chanting. Everything else will follow. Take one baby step at a time to go back to Krsna. Keep praying fervently. You will keep getting direction. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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