I Love & pray to both Lord Rama and Lord Krishna.


Though I can barely call myself a Devotee as its the Highest status for a living entity my query is that all such other Great Devotees who Love both Beautiful Forms - Do they get to have Darshans of Bhagavan's both Forms. Can they visit both SaketPuri(Lord Rama's abode) & Goloka Vrindavan(Lord Krishna's abode)


Pardon me for any offence in this query , please enlighten


Hari Bol





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  • Saket and Golok are not two different places, but the same place, Saket Dham is situated inside Golok.

    कल्याणी राजधानी या त्रिपादस्य निराश्रया ।

    गोलोक दयस्थाच संस्था सा साकेतपुरी ॥

    (वशिष्ट संहिता)

    Saket Dham is a supreme Dham in the midst of Tripad Vibhuti which is not dependent on anyone. Saket puri is called as the heart of Golok as it is in direct middle of it.


    Even if you are a worshiper of Lord Rama, you can go to Golok and even if you are a worshiper of Lord Krishna, you can go to Saket because both are at the same place.


  • Volunteer

    my humble obeisances Prabhuji,

    In Bhagavad Gita Krishna says that we have to accept a bona fide Guru. without serving to Guru we won't achieve nor Krishna neither Lord Rama.

    No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And for this age the main process of religion is the chanting of the Holy Names. And when we chant in due course of time we will cultivate real love other wise we are not able to love God without obeying to His instructions which is again chanting of the Holy Names for this age.

    please do not be offended Prabhuji but we want just to help You!

    Your servant, 

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