i have a question and need an unbiased answer

Hari BolI have a question and need an unbiased and clear answer plz if anyone could as this will affect life either in positive way or in a negative way that Lord knows but if anyone answers it exactly what should be the ans to this ques then it will be ur mercy.ques : is everything predetermined in our lives as what family we are born in how long we would stay with our family will love of family remain lifelong or for what period of time and like what sort of life partner we would have and like future years with that life partner and so on are these things pre determined as per God's will if everything is controlled by God then who are we ????are we only puppets who have to dance as Lord makes us dance do we have a free will ??as in shastras Srila Prabhupada says that we have minute independence ...Krishna gives us that tiny independence ....then could anyone tell what sort of independence we have ??? if everything is pre determined and if everything is not pre determined then why these happy and sad moments come ?? yes the concept of karma but no one could travel back in time and see what all karma he/she performed whose results are now imposed on them ???i don't know whether i asked the ques as per how i wanted to or did u get what i want to ask ?? if yes then plz do reply coz a genuine reply wud affect a life ...thanksharibol

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    Haribol Priyaji. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    I am not seeing any edits to the OP, but here is my answer:

    We, as living entities, are given minute independence as you mentioned. This, however, only applies to the path of spirituality. In other words, everything is determined except whether one will be God conscious or not. This option to choose the path of spirituality or the path of illusions is left to us. Now, if we were pious and religious in the previous life, this will continue to the next life because we've already started to walk on that path. But we will always have that option to continue walking down the path of God consciousness or the path of material pleasures and woes. 

    Karma, as you brought up, also plays a role in all this since it's the reaction to our previous actions. As such, happy and sad moments are caused by our previous actions. Of course, we can't look back and say that we did this, thus this happened - we just have to accept it. 

    Finally, if we wrap everything together, we would see something like this:

    * The major events in our life (such as birth, death, etc.) are predestined. 

    * The minor / semi-major events in our life (wealth, nature, living conditions, injuries, etc.) are affected by our Karma from our past lives. 

    * The most important decision in our life - to choose to be with / without God - is left unto us to make the decision. 

    -- As a final note, I would recommend waiting for other more knowledge devotees to answer before making a final decision. I don't know the exact details on specific events as mentioned in your post are predestined, but I'm sure others may know. 

    Your servant,

  • hari bol

    plz ignore these words in blue and underlined in blue ..i have not done dnt know how...ignore the highlights plz give an unbiased ans devotees i really need ur genuine answer
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