I finished some bhakti of Krishna

Hey everyone,

I came awhile ago saying I was feeling compelled to draw pictures of Krishna after having a few dreams about him. A few members here added me on facebook and added me to  other Hindu groups and one of the admins. told me what I am doing is called "bhakti". So, I am excited to learn this and have finished my first bhakti and wanted to share.


Here is the link to the picture.



If the link doesn't work you can find my art page on fb at Stephanie Celeste Chateau


Also, I did take some others advice and try to find an ISKON temple in my area (Birmingham, AL.) to get advice on some things but the address leads to my work place Books, Beans, and Candles MS. Apparently, meetings used to be held there but they are gone now? So second part of this post is me wondering does anyone know where Birmingham ISKON members meet now? The search function is not updated. It still lists my work place as Krishna's temple (ISKON) of Birmingham. You can imagine my shock when I found out. I first looked up the address and thought it meant it was on the same street and went up and down the same street confused, then gave up.  It was because of another person who came into my work looking for Birmingham ISKON and saw me drawing my bhakti and asked if he was at Krishna's Temple that it finally clicked that my work address is the listed address for the temple, not just that it's on the same street. So, I inquired with my boss why that might be and the only thing he could think of was ISKON members used to meet up there.


Thought I would inform everyone here. Hare Krishna!

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    Dear Stephanie Mataji, You also can use episodes from Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam and hearing the description of Krishna draw Him?! Is it possible for You?

    Mostly Srila Prabhupada used to say to his disciples only draw as per shastras as like Srimad Bhagavatam. 

    Your servant in serving to Srila Prabhupada, 

    • I'm still reading the Gita... not done yet.. but yes.. I'm going to be studying ways he is described and try to apply it to the parts I can't remember as good from the dream. Some things I remember  quite clearly and are unforgettable.. other stuff is just soft and in the background.. not as important.. like the jewels on him.. pretty but just blur in the background compared to his face and his eyes and his smile.

  • Great!
    It doesn't appear to be oil on canvas.
    Looks more like you have used water colors.
    The features are sharp especially the eyes.
    In the Srimad Bhagavatam which is the most authoritative scripture they are vividly described.
    The earrings for example are shark or alligator shaped.
    What is the size of your work?
    • It's colored pencil on 8 1/2 x 11 paper (card stock quality)



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        Suadi Arabain Dress of Krishna , Give it a Indian look with Indian look with natures beauty .

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            What is Indian? :( Does God have any nationality? 

            • Bhaktin Maral is right.. but even so...


              It's not "Saudi Arabian style" at all.


              What part of it looks that way to you?

              I just wiki'd to see if I did something wrong and all the dress fashion is Indian even the style of turban (sagri). The blue wrap around his arms may not be specifically indian but it was not meant to be Saudi Arabian either. I really wasn't sure what it was.. I just saw it in the dream. It was like a shawl/blanket or something. He was only wearing it I think to put over my shoulder like a towel or blanket I think. Like he knew ahead of time I'd have to go through the water to get to him and I'd be wet and cold. The pants are  his yellow dhoti pants he's known for and the jewelry is indian style I think because I couldn't remember the details of the jewelry in the dream so I looked at  other paintings of Krishna that are popular. So, unless all the other artists got it wrong as well I think it's all right?


               I appreciate criticism that is actually legitimate but it kind of feels like my picture is being picked apart just because I wasn't born in India or something. :\



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                No no it's nothing like that. Speaking from my own perspective, since we are all devotees here, we just want to see Krsna in our own way. I mean me personally, I like Krsna wearing a crown more so than a turban (I've never been too keen on turbans lol)... but it just depends (nonetheless the painting is marvelous, like i said before). But Krsna is all attractive. Whatever way you draw Krsna he is still very beautiful though.

                When Krsna entered the wrestling arena each person saw Krsna the way they wanted to see him. The demonic fellows saw him as death and the mothers saw him as a little child. We all have a secret painting of Krsna in our hearts :)

                Now a quick question mataji- was Krsna that light in color? He is also known as Shyam - dark blueish black . I have read that his color is spiritual and not of this material world so it's really hard to paint him since we don't have those specific colors. I'm just curious, it's not everyday we get to hear from someone who has seen Krsna :)

                • In this particular dream yes.. he was almost the color of the sky.. in another he was not just blueish black but he was the darkness and then appeared out of it like a ghost.. but still beautiful each time.. and in each dream he wore a different outfit.. it was just in this one he was wearing a turban. In one he had a top knot which I have not seen anyone else depict. In another he was wearing the crown, and in another golden and white armor. I was excited to see other people depicted with armor and he is described as wearing it in Parunas but it is usually just gold. In the dream it was gold and white. Some things in my dream match other descriptions and depictions.. and other things are slightly different.

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