hare Krishna,

i want to post many many things,  and ask many many questions... but they r so mundane... i'm afraid ... either no one will respond or else i'll be chucked out of this Krishna's network.


after 1 week of joining this Krishna's network i could gather enough courage to write something here.

i read "Associating with "un-KC" family" and i realised 

i'm not the only one whose mood swings wildly... sometimes remembers Krishna and sometimes against Krishna..


let me post my questions..

1- what is full form of PAMHO

2- what are the 4 regulative principles

3- after visiting this Krishna's network i realised even i shud chant hare krishna mantra daily ...

 i started it since yesterday and find very surprising to know that my mind keeps wandering with all wild thoughts... about office work,about family affairs,about shoes i want to buy, about my friends who called my yesterday n what we chatted, about my shoulder pain ...... and at the same time.. my mouth is still chanting.... .... so i guess its useless chanting coz as per me

chanting shud be done remembering lord Krishna....

so shud i continue doing so and one good fine day .... i could control my mind....

or do we have some technique.... to stop our mind from wandering.


4- i also started reading Bhagvat gita as it is ... but i read it when i get time... like i read it on monday then on wednesday then no reading till friday....

i'm reading only few slokas at a time.


5- i paid fees for Gita champion league and want to win 1 lakh rupees.. for this i have to read till chapter 6 before jan 20.


bottom when i'm a Selfish person.. ...

i hurt others-- my wife, my mother, my friends.... with my words n deeds.

i feel guilty about it. but... .. this is what i am...


i wish i could change my habits and become a good person at least if not a good devotee....


6-what's wrong in chanting radhe shyam.

coz i see ISKCON people only chant Lord Krishna & Rama not Radha.

 i've seen some north indian people greeting each other with "sree Radhe"

i've also seen people who call  lord krishna as "thakurji"

i've met prople who call krishna as "Yogeshwar"


7-there are many communities preaching on samskaar channel... preaching srimad bhagwat... and all seem fine... all are good. like Brahmakumari, Mridul Krishna ji Maharaj, Asharam Bapu... etc...

 so i want to know what' s unique about ISKCON...


please forgive me for offending any one of you.

hare Krishna..!!

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    • dear sandeep gupta ,Bhaktin Maral

      thank q for the quick reply.

      i know we shudn't consume alcohol or drugs

      but tea and coffee.... is also banned...??

      so i would try n avoid.. .. mushroom,tea n coffee....

      i don't eat egg directly.. but i like sweets like plum cake.... pastry...etc n even if i know it contains egg.. .i still eat it.

      so is it wrong.. coz i'm not consuming it directly...?


      Gambling.....ok i agree...

      but dealing in share market.. to buy n sell shares...... is it prohibited tooo...??


      sister bhaktin maral i read abt u in the other forum..

      hw u resisted ur mother just to continue ur krishna bhakti....

      i was awed to know about that..... but i want to know

      hw u achieved that immense bhakti.....

      i want to know the path to reach that immense bhakti where a person could oppose the whole society just to be submerged with krishna bhakti....


      sister pls forgive me. ... i ask too many questions...

      i ask coz i have many doubts.. my mind is cluttered... with garbage....

      n i know somewhere in some remotest corner of my heart i like lord krishna.

      n i remember him whenever i'm in need of anything or if i'm in pain.


      hare Krishna..!!


      • just wanted to add

        i once read Bhagvat Gita - by Gitapress Gorakhpur

        and i liked this verse.. so much "Aham Vaishvanaro Bhutva pranimam deham asritah
        Pranapana-samayuktah pacamy annam catur-vidham


        n i haven't consumed any Meat or Alcohol since feb 2003.

        coz i realized if god appears within my stomach daily.

        i shudn't offer him  any thing which is cooked/prepared  from

        dead or killed animals.... nor shud i offer him alcohol.


        hare krishna...!!

        • thanq mataji...

          hereafter i'll try to avoid those foods with eggs in them.


          mataji share market --- u might heard of BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange, NSE - National Stock Exchange

          where trading is done. means buying n selling of shares of various companies.


          bad part of share market is -- i lost lot of money there.

          good part is.. i start praying to lord Krishna... whenever  i feel i my trade is at a loss.


          mataji i'm sorry,

          if i hurt ur personal feelings. i didn't know or rather i shudn't even comment on ur relations with ur family.

          please forgive me.

          hare krishna.

    • hare krishna to mataji

        thanx for ur so kind details ..

  • hare krishna prabhu...

      same as u i m also new in krishna mercy world but one thing i feel here that he is always there to help and about the thoughts and chatting with friends u or at any time u r mouth is chatting mahamnatra then it means ur in the way to KC and you are attracting to it.

    as i told u i m new and same which u feeling me also many times but i understand only thing that he is very keen with a big heart and he always cover the mistakes of us.wen we remember with true heart.

    i m sorry if i made mistake here thats my first reply to any devottee.

    hare krishna...

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