hare Krishna,

i want to post many many things,  and ask many many questions... but they r so mundane... i'm afraid ... either no one will respond or else i'll be chucked out of this Krishna's network.


after 1 week of joining this Krishna's network i could gather enough courage to write something here.

i read "Associating with "un-KC" family" and i realised 

i'm not the only one whose mood swings wildly... sometimes remembers Krishna and sometimes against Krishna..


let me post my questions..

1- what is full form of PAMHO

2- what are the 4 regulative principles

3- after visiting this Krishna's network i realised even i shud chant hare krishna mantra daily ...

 i started it since yesterday and find very surprising to know that my mind keeps wandering with all wild thoughts... about office work,about family affairs,about shoes i want to buy, about my friends who called my yesterday n what we chatted, about my shoulder pain ...... and at the same time.. my mouth is still chanting.... .... so i guess its useless chanting coz as per me

chanting shud be done remembering lord Krishna....

so shud i continue doing so and one good fine day .... i could control my mind....

or do we have some technique.... to stop our mind from wandering.


4- i also started reading Bhagvat gita as it is ... but i read it when i get time... like i read it on monday then on wednesday then no reading till friday....

i'm reading only few slokas at a time.


5- i paid fees for Gita champion league and want to win 1 lakh rupees.. for this i have to read till chapter 6 before jan 20.


bottom when i'm a Selfish person.. ...

i hurt others-- my wife, my mother, my friends.... with my words n deeds.

i feel guilty about it. but... .. this is what i am...


i wish i could change my habits and become a good person at least if not a good devotee....


6-what's wrong in chanting radhe shyam.

coz i see ISKCON people only chant Lord Krishna & Rama not Radha.

 i've seen some north indian people greeting each other with "sree Radhe"

i've also seen people who call  lord krishna as "thakurji"

i've met prople who call krishna as "Yogeshwar"


7-there are many communities preaching on samskaar channel... preaching srimad bhagwat... and all seem fine... all are good. like Brahmakumari, Mridul Krishna ji Maharaj, Asharam Bapu... etc...

 so i want to know what' s unique about ISKCON...


please forgive me for offending any one of you.

hare Krishna..!!

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        • thank q prabhuji.

          so i shud read this mantra before

          chanting hare krishna mantra for 108 times....??

          this would allow me to control my mind and it won't wander wildly...??


          i'll try mugging up this mantra..

          thanks once again

          hare krishna..!!


          • Hare Krishna Prabhu well I was told to always chant:

            jaya sri-krishna-chaitanya
            prabhu nityananda
            sri-adwaita gadadhara

            before I start a round of hare krishna mantra. So yes if you read it first before you start to chant a round and then again as you start the next round you will remeber it very quickly and soon you will just be able to chant it off by heart.

            I was taught that this mantra will protect you from being offensive to the holy name. If you chant the Pancha Tattva mantra before you start to chant hare krishna.

            I have also heard devotees recommend that even in the middle of a round if your mind is wandering and you are struggling again chant this mantra and it will help to invoke the mercy of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and especially Lord Nityanada who is the most merciful.

            hare krishna

            your servant

            bhakta Francis

            • hare krishna,

              thank u Francis gregory kirchner prabhu ji,

              i took a snap of this mantra in my mobile.

              so that i read this before starting my japa.


              hare krishna

    • hare krishna prabhuji's...

      thanq Sharanagat ji... .... for guiding me...what is manjari,Rupa Goswami and then devotees.. i didn't understand it and i guess even if u try explaining it.... it might bounce off....

      but what i realised... i'm too far frm god and it will take time before i understand your answer.



      hw do i go about book distributing...

      shall i buy few of them and distribute them to my friends.... or what...?

      coz i notice .. if given free or as gift.... .it will be a beautiful decoration in a showcase... n people will never read it.

      if i ask them to buy it and then read it...or hw shud i go about it........ please guide me.....



      thanq aanal balram adhikari  prabhuji,

      for guiding me....



      hare krishna.

      i liked this community....

      at least i'm typing hare krishna.... for a couple of times a day...


    • Volunteer

      :-) oh Yes! ONION AND GARLIC NOWAY! Thank You dear Aanal Mataji! And You are very true that we have to approach Lord Nityananda and Gouranga. They are intoxicated Gods! 

      Here Lord Gouranga is Krishna Himself, Lord Nityananda also Lord Krishna Himself.

      Krishna is Allmighty He can do everything. He can manifest Himself if different Forms.

      Your servant, 

      • hare krishna ,,,

        all glories to shril prabhupad,,,

        lord chaitanya is shri krishna himself,and nityanand is balram as i know...

        please clarify it....

        hare krshna...

  • Hare Krsna Prabhu jee! :-)

    You are in the starting point where all seems convoluted. I will give one pointer: you do not serve Krsna directly, you serve HIM through HIS devotees. Krsna and Radha are at the center, around them as ashta sakhi and then Manjari. Following that, Rupa Goswami and then devotees. Then you are somewhere there. In order to please HIM, you offer services to devotees. So devotee service is must. That will make one huge point clear when you are being selfish.

    Second service is listening to Bhajan and Kirtan. Again you cannot do it alone, but if you have no choice and doing alone, do it. :-) It is still pure when done with devotion.

    When you do service, you will establish yourself in the devotion. Then you will see regulative principles clearly and chanting will work for you better.

    There will still be sins that you will be doing. You will find it, do not worry. Keep asking forgiveness, it will help you in chanting. When you will start realizing everyday how many mistakes you are still doing, that will be the point where you will seek more and more service. Why don't you go and do some book distribution? It will make you humble to understand your ego. :-)

    Hari Bol!

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! (which means in short form PAMHO) All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    4 regulative principles are:

    1. no meat eating, fish, egg, coffee, tea, mushrooms, chicken also.

    2.  no alcohol, no drugs, no intoxication

    3. no gambling

    4. no illicit sex (only with one's wife and only for having a child)


    Yes, Prabhuji, You are indeed very qualified to chant the Holy Names. Lord Krishna Chaitaya says that those people who took birth in India should learn the science of Bhakti and preach to others - Westerners.


     Yes, Bhagavad Gita As It Is with the purports of Srila Prabhupada is not an ordinary Book. We usually read Books 1-2 hours a day.


    About winning or lose. Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that we have to do our duty perfectly but do not be attached to the result. In this way we won't suffer. Krishna will do the best thing for You.  He knows us better then we are ourselves.


     Radhe Shyam? Yes, Krishna has unlimited quantities of Names. But in order to achieve success we have to chant proper Mantra which is coming down from proper Parampara. Other wise the Mantra won't give much results. We can not approach Krishna directly but only by the mercy of Guru and Devotees.


     Listen to Your heart, see their results. The tree we can judge only by tasting its fruits. In this way study the people who follow some particular religion. How do they live, when they wake up, what do they eat, what do they talk, how do they behave ....

    Your did not offend anybody,  but on the contrary Devotees are very happy to welcoming You!

    Your servant, in serving to Srila Prabhupada, 


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