i dnt knw worth of my life

HARE KRISHNAall glories 2 srila PrabhupadPamhoi want 2 be a devotee of Lord Krsnadue 2 ups & downs in lyf sumtimes bad thaughtsi think there is no need of me in lyfi am just wasting time & moneyi am doing just badsolution of every prblm wil cum wen i m nt theresumtimes i dnt chantplz help me realize worth of lyf & d aim of lyf is Krishna consciousnessneed company of devotees

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  • hare krishna

    prabhu ji..

    yes it is difficult to control mind but not immpossible.... we are attached with material from many births,,,. like a iron posseses magnetic properties when it is attached with magnet same case is with us... our mind become materialistic...but as we attached with krishna and try to obey krishna teachings then slowly slowly we realize that we are wrong..not immidietly and when realize that we are wrong then we feel those things like we are bad. and all and all .. but for krishna we have to control our mind and for this we have to chant.. holy name of krishna... now the question arises you dont chant..you have to do this... KRISHNA says ""if you take one step toward me i take 10 towards you believe me.""so we have to take one step...bad thoughts also have origin like newspapers ,tv/.. because in these some portions are not for devotee like bollywood, you got my point i think......so avoid it for krishna..try to realize that from which karma you got bad thoughts and from which you can become krishna concious do that.. nothing else...it will help you.........

  • Have faith in krishna surrender onto him ,Start with whatever way you can convert the time you have into service for krishna .Like Bhagavad gita,Srimad bhagavatam reading ,chanting (1/2) rounds to start with watching devotional/spiritual tv series like shri skrishna on youtube he,hearing srila prabhupa lectures ,Engage all your senses in devotional service of the lord . Small steps it may be initailly but youll reach your destination and the perfection of life.also follow the four regulative principles regularly strictly.

  • Sevak

    Hare Krishna Prabhu Ji. PAMHO. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Follow these principles and nothing will bother you and you will turn in to a Krishna Conscious devotee:

    1) Chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra-16 is the minimum you should chant everyday even if you think that you wouldn't have enough time. For a sincere seeker time can also expand because it is an energy of Krishna.

    2) Eat Krishna Prasadam-Krishna accepts anything you offer even if it is a leaf, some water, a fruit or a big feast. And after offering you eat it.

    3) Go To Temple Regularly-this is very important for you. Try to attend Sunday feast, listen to lectures of devotees.

    4)Associate with devotees-life without association is hell!!! Devotees are the 1s that can elevate us to the pure stage of Krishna Consciousness. We must get association of devotees. Ask any questions you have.

    5)Read Bhagavad-Gita as it is and Srimad Bhagavtam-you need to read scriptures to earn knowledge and they will answer many of the questions you have now.

    Hari Bol! 

  • Hare Krishna to all devotees. Pamho! all glories to srila prabhupada!

    actually we are useless souls till we are living here to enjoy on ourselves & not loving Krishna. Our existence is from KRISHNA & for KRISHNA, to love him & give him pleasures. So our existence is worthwhile if & only if we serve & love Krishna.

    "solution of every prblm wil cum wen i m nt there"

    Prabhuji, this is definitely not the solution. We are not bodies but eternal souls who will always exist in some body or the other. you should treasure your human body & use it to serve KRISHNA & make your existence worthwhile.

    Hope it helps.

    Hari bol!

  • hare krishna prabhu.
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  • hare krishna !! my pranams to the supreme and the blessed bhakthas of the supreme !!

    Ankit prabhu,

    The purpose of human life is to realize the supreme as Krishna and serve him with the yoga (union) of heart, mind and soul. Identify one goal in your life that may please Krishna, the devotees and something for this world which may help them remember Krishna and start aiming to go back to Godhead. All resources like time, money, one's own capabilities, knowledge and the network of human relationships can be dovetailed in the service of Krishna. In conjunction with

    .1)Chanting of mahamantra

    .2)Studying Bhagavad-Gita as it is - atleast a couple of slokas daily and internalizing the purports given by acharya

    also listen to the videos of Bhagavad-Gita and the Nectar of Devotion. It will slowly but surely rid the bad thoughts that are tormenting you.

    Don't ever give up on Krishna. His lotus feet is the only stronghold to raise us above the ocean of samsara and prevent us from drifting away.

    In service of the Supreme and the blessed Bhakthas,


  • sorry dnt want 2 distirb anybody
    wat i need Krishna gives
    but sumtyms bad thaughts overpower my mind
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