hare krishna,,,

prabhujis n matajis,,,

                      m Aanal adhikari , doing job as a staff nurse in ahmedabad.... i ve a problem that due to my shifting duty i cant attend the sunday programmes,lactures,  seva everything..,, even i cant get the communication with bhakt,devotees. which is more imporant for us...

          and i also dnt knw how to use this site... but m trying to download the lactures but i cant.   sme of devotees of this site help me to dwnld it but still i cnt ....

           i wnt to hear lactures....  wnt to do seva......... and wnt to be pure devotee....   pls help me.......


dandvat pranam....

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  • hare krishna Aanal adhikari mataji,

    please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    i give u a website link. click on that link and get lectures of Raman Reti, Alachua, Florida:,Bhaktivedanta Manor, London, England: etc... ok

    the link is........



    enjoy lectures like me

    hare krishna

    Lectures | Krishna.com
  • Volunteer

    :-) aha now we understood the root of Your disturbances!

    You are saying that You are married and Your husband is not a serious Devotee.

    So You are living with Devotee but looking for Devotees around. Of course it is better if You have association with lots of Devotee Matajis but if for this time Krishna is not giving You such like chance it means You have to maintain good association with Your Devotee husband.

    Mostly when wife respects husband and chastely does her duties before him then he surely starts to progress spiritually. And when husband progresses in Spiritual life wife also follows him.

    Please, for this time start to respect Your husband as a Devotee and as Your master. Then seeing Your good qualities with one Devotee (Your husband) Krishna will give You chance to attend Temple programs more and more. Krishna can do everything!


    i am not initiated yet, but without listening lectures it is not possible to choose a Guru. Please, find time and download lectures of different Guru Maharajas here in IDT and by listening only Your heart will say to You who is Your Guru. 

    Feel free to post Your questions, Devotees will be happy to help You :-) 

    Your servant, 

    • hare krishna mataji,,,

      dandvat pranam,,,

       m respecting my husband nd i'll try to respect more as you say..

      dhanyavad mataji,,,

      you r doing a great job by solving the problems n discussion of devotees..

      i'll sure ask you if i feel any problem in my spiritulal life...

      hare krishna................

      your most fallen servant...


      • Volunteer

        Also dear Mataji, if You do not have time on Sundays to go to the Temple then i know Devotees who organize small Sunday Programs at their own house. 

        For example, if You or Your husband have close friends or relatives You can invite to home cook Prasadam, do Kirtan and it will be a big preaching program.

        Your servant, 

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Aanal Adhikari Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

     To download is very simple. Things should be done:

    1. Better to have downloading program like "Download Master". You can find it for free if You just go thou google.com

    2.  Then go to the particular lecture, when You put cursor on the lecture it should show a palm. 

    3. and click to the right button and there will be written "Copy Link Address"

    4. Then go to the download master and there is one big button in the top right side "add"

    5. then other small window will appear, show the place to download and click "start"

    6. that's it!  


    If You want to become a pure Devotee then You have somehow associate with pure Devotees physically or at least through medium - like this Internet. 


    If at this time is impossible to change Your job as a stuff nurse then accept it as a time for self teaching. For example, You can start to study Srila Prabhupada's books, as You told listen Lectures, chant Your rounds very attentively in the early mornings...

    When You get ready to associate with Devotees Krishna will surely help You. When You have real, BIG DESIRE to associate with Devotees and attend Sunday Kirtans then Krishna will surely help You!

    We can cultivate only desire and other things are done by the nature with the sanction of Paramatma.

    Your servant, 

    • hare krishna mataji,,,

      dandvat pranam,,,

              dhanyavad for reply... mataji i m female...m reading prabhupad n other swamiji's book also...m reading bhagvat gita daily.. i'll finish it 2nd time ... m doing seva at my home also... but cant connect with temple , devotees and lactures... m doing chanting also... but it going down ... i need your help...  hare krishna ...

      dandvat pranam...

      your servant....

      • Volunteer

        Hare Krishna dear Aanal Balram Adhikari Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!
        first of all please forgive me for my mistake concerning Your name (female or male)!
        it would very comfortable if directly nearby photo one could recognize if a person is female or male. (some signs or something like that) otherwise it is difficult to differentiate Indian names.
        It is very good that even being far away from Devotees You are full for enthusiasm and desire to serve to Krishna reading Srila Prabhupada's books and chanting Your rounds.
        If not Sunday programs maybe there are other programs like Bhakti Vriksha or other Home programs in Your city? You have somehow contact with senior Devotees and ask them if there is such like programs.
        Maybe You can take leave for some days and attend Goura Purnima Festival in one of big Temples?! Did You thought about that? This year Gaura Purnima will be on 8th of March.
        In Spiritual life association with Devotees is very important.
        There are 3 main bodies which we have to feed:
        1. physical
        2. mental
        3. Soul - spiritual
        For our physical body we do job, earn money, buy food, clothes...
        For our mental body we associate, have relationships, read books...
        In this way for our spiritual body we also have to give some time.
        What about Your parents? do they agree with Your Krishna Conscious practices?
        Your servant,

        • hare krishna mataji ,,

          dandvat pranam,,

                         dont be sorry mataji.. dhanyavad to attend my discussion. i m attending all festivals by taking leave.. bhakti vriksha programmes and other naam hut is doing here buy senior devotees. but they doing this at night  after 8 pm .. and the space they are holding this programmes are too far away from my home.. so i cant atend it..

          m married .. but my prabhuji is not a good devotee. he is not serious in bhakti. that's why i've to struggle a lot.. i dont have my parents..

          may i know that by which maharaj you are initiated . i also want to take hari naam diksha.. but without attendin lactures i cant take it...

          hare krishna........

          your servant


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