I am searching for a devotee in doha qatar

Hare Krishna,

      I want a help from the devotees who are in doha qatar. 1 devotee ( very lovely to krishna and radharani) is coming to qatar and he is searching for devotee association in doha qatar. plz if you can help him to give devotee association in qatar then plz inform me. I hope i'll get a positive responce from respected devotees.  Hare Krishna.

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  • Hare Krishna MG.

    if u are still in doha, i have just reached doha,

    Hare Krishna,

    Mahavira deva dass


  • Hare krishna I am Rameshwar belong to lord Krishna birth palace Mathura and now i am move to qatar till 23rd aug 2019 to 23rd sep 2019 i am vegetarian i am unable to find vegetarian accommodation there, please advice me what should i do and how to find the bad space. you can call me on 00918979196652 or miss call i will call back . HARE KRISHNA
  • Please don't practice our religion in Qatar. I know a few people who were sent behind bars for conducting Krishna Bhajans. Just think of krishna. That will suffice 

  • can i contact you ...

    n thank u hari bol

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