Humbleness is Courage. Explain.

pamho, hare krishna,

I heard the following statements from a Radha Gopinath Temple devotee congregation program weekly program.

1.  Humbleness is courage.  Explain please with examples how to serve Krishna courageously.

Also, I repent for whatever I have said in the past on this forum.  But now I need to understand the Supreme Position of Krishna.  It is my need.

2.  Charan  Das, disciple of BSST.  BSST defeating mayavada, train mayavadi everything is one, eating mango defeat example.

What is mayavada and how to refute their arguments ?  Isn't Lord Shiva glorified as the highest Vaishnava ?

3.  Iskcon has launched Samiksha program for preaching.  Since 99.9% of Iskcon devotees are congregation.  How to make ourselves favourable to understand Bhagavad Gita As It Is and live it and preach it.  Few years back, a devotee messaged me the following:

Learn well, practice well, preach well.  Failure strikes when we directly jump to the third without practising the first two well.

Thank you in advance.

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Humbleness is courage - what does this mean? Humility means to always remember that we are part and parcel of the lord, and that our duty is to serve the lord with love and devotion. To consider oneself worthless without the grace of the lord. It means to never look for appreciation for oneself under any circumstances, and always praise the lord for His grace, regardless of whether we face favourable situation or adverse.

    Applying it practically takes a lot of courage, esp when someone consciously insults or humiliates us or puts us down, does not appreciate us for whatever we have done. We are so conditioned to lead our life as if we are the centre of the universe. To shift that focus from ourselves to making Krsna the centre of our universe and to maintain it takes a lot of courage prabhuji.

    Regarding mayavad philosophy, I don't think you are ready for it yet.

    Learn well, practice well, preach well.  Failure strikes when we directly jump to the third without practising the first two well. - This is so so true. It couldn't have been put better. In Hindi, we say - aachar before prachaar - practice before preach.

    We have to practice the philosophy first. Then we will get some realisations which will firm our belief in the practices. THen and only then we should preach. Actually, one doesn't need to open one's mouth to preach at all. One has to preach by one's behavior. Only sometimes, words are necessary to preach. One has to live the principles, not merely talk about it externally.

    Prabhuji, if you really want to understand the Supreme Lord, please choose one authorised path, in parampara and start walking on it - with determination. Simply asking questions is not going to help. WHat you do with the answers is more important.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Yes Humbleness is courage..

    Being humble is most tough..All of us want to show off how great we dressing, in talks in ways..We want to prove others that we are better then others. This is human nature.

    But being humble ( NOT ACTING HUMBLE).. Being simple in talks, ways and dressing accepting ones mistake taking the blame...accepting that we are most fallen.. is not easy!!!

    We always want to show off that we are perfect...we are taint less and we never done any mistakes in life.., But to come down and accept our mistakes in public and say.. sorry for your actions is a matter of courage.

    Serving others ( Vaishnavas) guru's requires you to be humble ....To accept that you are DAS ANU DAS.. is really courageous.

    We developed so long a big wall of ego around us. Our egos are more huge then our stature itself. Accepting that we are nothing and Lord is everything ....disowning all the things....saying Lord is the provider ..not just saying with mouth.....FEELING IT INTERNALLY. and accepting a servitor position is really a matter of courage.

    Now a days all want to be humble and are acting humble..but internally in the minds they think bad ...While serving guru or elders they are doing becoz it has to be done not with a real intention and love for the guru. Most of us think in mind.. something else but act something else out.  Just like in corporate office If we have to show respect to boss.. we act humble before him and at the back of him talk nonsense about him. This is not being humble it is acting humble.

    humbleness comes when you really love someone..and want to serve him or her selflessly., not mere show off.

    Hare Krishna

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