Dear Vaishnavas,

Hare Krishna !

All glories to Lord Jagannatha !

All glories to Srila Prabhupad !

When a lotus blooms, bees come on it's own accord...

I am part of this beautiful Hare-Krishna movement since birth. I would like to start a discussion as to, how you got attracted to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness ?

What made you join this beautiful movement ?

Was it the grand Rath Yatras ? Was it the magic of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra ? Was it the magnificence of it's temples and the beautiful and exquisitely dressed archa-vigrahas residing in them ? Was it the foreigners wearing Vaishnava attire singing deliriously the glory of Supreme Personality of Godhead ? Was it the erudition of devotees ? Was it some book ? Was it the unique style of dancing ? Was it the unique style of singing ? Was it the taste of Prasadam ? Was it the Vaishnava tilaka and attire ? Or, was it that you just fell in love with the blue bodied handsome boy named Krishna ? 

What was it that attracted you to this beautiful movement ?

Please share it in this forum !

Your servant,

Krishna Mukherji  

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      • By highest philosophy and transcendental words of HIS DIVINE A.C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI   PRABHUPADA.

        Jai Acharyas

        • True, Swami Prabhupad's philosophy is indeed transcendental and solves several mysteries of mankind, hence highest...

          Thanks for sharing Shubham Prabhuji...

          Hare Krishna !


            • Yes...very correct...Hari bol !

  • Volunteer

    nice topic Prabhu.

    Devotees can also share their stories on the web site

    Your servant, 

    How I Came to Krishna Consciousness
    • Nice website Mataji...

      Would you like to share your story with us on this forum ? It's a request...

      Hare Krishna !

      • Volunteer

        yes, sure Prabhu, but i need time.

        Your servant, 

        • OK Mataji...You can take your own time. We would like to hear something from you...

          Your servant...

  • hari bol
  • So, for our Mihir Prabhuji, the divine atmosphere of our Iskcon Chowpatty Temple (i.e Sri Radha Gopinath Temple), the divine presence of holy Vaishnavas and the holy vibrations of Maha Mantra brought him 'in'.

    Thanks for sharing your views Mihir Prabhuji...

    Hare Krishna !


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