Hare Krishna all,




                     How to understand and appreciate krishnas beauty and attraction. Is krishna

really beautiful and more attractive than the anything and everything in this material world.

How devotees could surrender and leave behind all the attractions and offers of this material world

what made them so detached, I never understood this thing, from where this love has come and

how did they reach that level of their understanding. I beg all the devotees to give some mercy to

understand krishna.


Hari bol

Servant of your servants


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  • No need to understand whether Krishna is most beautiful or not..............

    The most important aim of our life is to achieve our Supreme Consciousness.......

    and that can be achieved by following 4 paths of Yoga as mentioned in Bhagwat Gita-As it is

    • If you follow Bhakti Yoga, then chant....chant....chant....chant......

      listen katha....katha....katha....katha or glories of God as much as you can.....

      the day you achieve Self Realization, Supreme Consciousness or Enlightenment,

      on that day Krishna will be in front of you.......that's it...

      hope you get..!!

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    Q. 329. WHAT IS PURE LOVE ?‏




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    Hare Krishna Aakash Pr,


    I would like to answer this question from a quote by HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj. He said Dont try to see Lord Krishna. Serve Krishna and his representatives in such a way that Krishna wants to see you. So, dont try to imagine the beauty of Krishna because it is not even possible for us to do so. It is only possible by his causeless mercy. He has a plan for all of us and will reveal himself at some point of time.

    Have patience and faith and continue the process. You shall see for yourself Krishna face to face and then realize his beauty!!!

    Hari bol!!!

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    As Krishna’s form is ‘eternally manifest’ so is the beauty of that form, thus fulfilling the Bhagavad-gita’s definition of reality’that which has ‘no cessation.’ Not only is Krishna’s beauty eternal, but it is also ever fresh, like an endlessly blooming springtime. A devotee never tires of viewing that divine form, which is so magnificent that Krishna Himself cannot estimate it for in one moment He measures, and in the next moment it expands unlimitedly, eluding even His vast capacity to understand.

    Since Krishna is the Absolute Truth. His beauty is also absolute and is never canceled or diminished by closer examination or change in perspective. His form is the vessel of pure spiritual energy’eternity, knowledge, and bliss’and it is therefore beautiful through and through. Indeed it has been compared to the radiant vaidurya gem, which, although appearing differently according to the play of light upon its numerous colored facets, is extraordinarily beautiful from whichever angle it is viewed. Thus Krishna’s beauty is always appreciated by the countless pure devotees who inhabit the spiritual sky, some of whom regularly descend to this material plane to turn our attention back to Him.

    Krishna’s absolute nature is also such that anything connected with Him, be it His name, form, words, pastimes, or paraphernalia. also exhibits His superlative beauty. In Srila Prabhupada’s book Krishna, this remarkable feature of Krishna’s personality is apparent in the following statement by a devotee, in which the beauty of the Lord’s flute-playing is feelingly described:

    My dear friends, Krishna is so beautiful that the goddess of fortune always remains on His chest and He is always adorned with a golden necklace. Beautiful Krishna plays His flute in order to enliven the hearts of many devotees. He is the only friend of the suffering living entities. When He plays His flute, all the cows and other animals of Vrindavana, although engaged in eating, simply take a morsel of food in their mouths and stop chewing. Their ears raise up and they become stunned. They do not appear alive but like painted animals. Krishna’s flute-playing is so attractive that even the animals become enchanted, and what to speak of ourselves.

    All of these features combine to make Krishna’s beauty fully satisfying. While material beauty offers momentary pleasure to the senses. Krishna’s spiritual beauty touches the very soul of the living being. thrilling him with a pleasure so wonderful that once having relished it he can never give it up. Srila Rupa Gosvami has therefore advised,

    My dear friend, if you still have any desire to enjoy the company of your friends within this material world, then don’t look upon the form of Krishna, who is standing on the bank of Keshi-ghata. He is known as Govinda, and His eyes are very enchanting. He is playing upon His flute, and on His head there is a peacock feather. His whole body is illuminated by the moonlight in the sky.

    The more a devotee appreciates Krishna’s beauty, the less he falls for the flickering attractions of this material world. Once, Haridasa Thakura, a great devotee of the Lord, was chanting Hare Krishna alone, absorbed in the beauty of the Lord’s holy name. An alluring young prostitute appeared and tried to divert him from his vow of chanting Krishna’s names 300,000 times daily. Haridasa’s attraction to Krishna’s beauty was so deep, however, that he remained unaffected by her advances. Instead, he converted the prostitute into a virtuous devotee greatly attached to the beauty of Krishna.

    Although descriptions of Krishna’s beauty are fascinating, we may rightfully wonder how we can overcome our own attraction to the world’s enticements and achieve the coveted vision of Krishna’s spiritual beauty. We can begin by remembering that even the flickering beauty of this world has its origin in Krishna. The sunrise, the fragrant flower, the taste of water, or anything else of value can remind us of Krishna and thus act as an agent for our spiritual enlightenment.

    Furthermore, by hearing and chanting about Krishna in the company of devotees and by worshiping His Deity form in the temple, we can accelerate our spiritual advancement. This combination of pleasurable devotional activities will very surely and effectively raise us to the platform of pure love for Krishna, enabling us to view Him face to face and enjoy the nectar of His moonlike beauty.



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    Hare Krishna, Prabhu!!! If you want to relish Krishna's beauty, go through Krishna Karnamrita written by Bilvamangal Thakur and chapter 21 of Chaitanya Charitamrita Madhya Lila .Krishna's transcendental body is a vista of beauty. What you perceive as beautiful in this material world is a perverted reflection of the infinite beauty of Krishna's body. One day, Prabhupada was being asked,'Is Krishna's body muscular, thin or fat?' He replied, 'None of them.Muscular bodies are in the mode of passion,spiritual bodies are not. The mundane conception of beauty is simply passionate.God is not fat. Nor lean. Lean men look like wolves, hungry wolves hunting for sex.Perfect beauty,Beauty complete and full. When we see Krishna, we will want nothing to do with the so-called beauty of the material world. Krishna’s beauty is attracting everything in the creation—great demigods, men, women, even plants and animals. That beauty is unlimited. What we call beauty here is but a perverted reflection.' Krishna's body is described in Srimad Bhagavatam as 'sarva saundarya sangraham'(a reservoir of beauty).

    "The Lord's beauty is compared to rainfall because when the rain falls in the rainy season, it becomes more and more pleasing to the people. After the scorching heat of the summer season, the people enjoy the rainy season very much. Indeed, they even come out of their doors in the villages and enjoy the rainfall directly. Thus the Lord's bodily features are compared to the clouds of the rainy season. The devotees enjoy the Lord's beauty because it is a collection of all kinds of beauties. Therefore the word sarva-saundarya-sangraham is used. No one can say that the body of the Lord is wanting in beautiful parts. It is completely purnam. Everything is complete: God's creation, God's beauty and God's bodily features. All these are so complete that all one's desires can become fully satisfied when one sees the beauty of the Lord. The word sarva-saundarya indicates that there are different types of beauties in the material and spiritual worlds and that the Lord contains all of them. Both materialists and spiritualists can enjoy the beauty of the Lord. Because the Supreme Lord attracts everyone, including demons and devotees, materialists and spiritualists, He is called Krsna."

    (Srimad-Bhagavatam, 4.24.46, Purport)

  • Hare krishna Prabu

    I think one should see the internal beauty, as all devotees are seeing this by reading books like Ramayana, bhagavatha and Bhagavadgeetha. It is sure that after knowing these every one should surrender to krishna.


     Hari bol


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      no,no Krishna is externally also is very beautiful. He is absolute. His internal energy is Srimati Radharani who is the top most of all beauties. But one day Srila Prabhupada was asked a question why we call Radha Krishna, Radha Damodara...? Always Krishna's Name in the end. Then Srila Prabhupada told that respected or the top most Person's Name is called at the end. Your servant,

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