How to tell my friends d god is here

I convince to my friends d god is here 

because we also live in here 

our mistakes, misbehavior  & our falseness 

tell our stories & everything to dearest Krishna.

So we have to prepared for our dignity & our real work  towards Krishna.  

Plz convince to everyone to take down in Krishna's spell of Love. 

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 

Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare 


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  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji ,

    you absolutely right Prabhuji,         

    without god our lives is zero we have no quality to see God , so how we can see him. 

    today everyone person wants to see him but without any kind of work like spiritual activities & Jap Mala's. They want quick result without reading vedas, & Purans. They think that dis is not correct time to read this kind of books in early age of life. So how  we can convince  them 

    Last months ago I started book distribution in my institute. I spoke to my teacher to buy the book of Bhagwat Gita he answered me that u chose very wrong person to sell u'r books then i replied, sir dis books is very important to your self & your family also. I was very disappointed to his answer. But when i came from the institute then i was purposed to my muslim friend to buy it , he buy The Bhagwat Gita. I was extremely shocked what is it ....

    God is here this is 100% truth I tell my story to everyone

    But u'r suggestion & u'r example is most valuable for me to sold book distribution 

    dhanyawad sehe koti vandanam

    your servant


  • Hare krishna !!!

                 Jai Gurudev !!! Jai prabhupada !!!

                         Each and Every action there must be a controller nothing will work either material or spiritual world even if we see automatic car or machine there is operator who starts and end so there must be Isvara allways.. Proof of god is everything is exist than god also must exist ..we are existing than why not god who is created and maintaining and going to annihilate upon time frame...If Baby is there , there must be mother and father how its possible without that ..we may not be knowing who is that but there must be...the same way many people dont know who is god but there is god that is krishna...When we come to this material world we dont know who is our father only mother is telling this is ur father unless we dont know so we are beleving that he is our father ... the same way Vedas and Purunas are our Mother she will tell us who is our real father that is krishna. when we read it..Some people ask so me ur god how is it possible god is not cheap prabhupada explain god is not ur servant when u call he will come when our u say go he will go there must required some Qualification to see god simply we cont see ..that process is begins with chanting hare krishna mahamantra ... prabhupada gives good example if the car is repair mechanic know perfectly where the fault is there he will touch some parts it will get reparied but ordinary people cont do that even for the machine required some qualification ..than how this people asking us to show the god without Qualification so advice them to read and chant than gradually understand the presence of god. Jai prabhupada

    Your Servant

    Rasika Govinda Das

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