How to spiritualise the work you do?

Hare Krsna,
My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga.

How do I spiritualise the work I do? I am mainly at my desk for all of my work hours but how can i tell myself that I am actually doing this work for Krsna?

I also have a hobby as a photography enthusiast, how do I spiritualize my hobby?

Chant and be happy.

Srila prabhupada ki jai..

Hare krsna

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      • Hare Krishna ,

        Dandvat pranam prabhuji.

        Nice to see that u want to do everthing to krishna. Everthing is belongs to Krishna. All world even we are his property.We are the servent of kirsna. So you keep always in your mind that you are doing all your services for krishna only not for yourself.And offer the fruit of your work to kirhsna. How? U purchase fruits , food for krishna and offer to him first.Then take the reminent to yourself and family.  This house is not ours ..this is also of krishna . and keeping this thought in your mind take care your home ..it will become a temple , then what u purchase for your house that will be for krishna..Serve and do seva of the vaishnavas , devotees and guru.This way your money will used for krishna.And your work will be spiritual. And reactions will take krishna himself.

        Prabhuji I am learner. May be some place i can be wrong. Sorry for that.


        Vandana Bandooni

        • Volunteer

          Thansk for your response mataji..

          we are all learning too.. to me there is no junior or senior devotee... we are all on the same path and thats what matters to me..

          Appreciate you taking time to respond.

          Hare krsna..

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