How to spiritualise the work you do?

Hare Krsna,
My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga.

How do I spiritualise the work I do? I am mainly at my desk for all of my work hours but how can i tell myself that I am actually doing this work for Krsna?

I also have a hobby as a photography enthusiast, how do I spiritualize my hobby?

Chant and be happy.

Srila prabhupada ki jai..

Hare krsna

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  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna,
    My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga.

    Thanks for the responses.

    Last Friday I attended bhakthi vriksha program and one of the prabhu from Mumbai mandir gave a lecture. During Q&A, I asked the above question about spiritualising our work. Prabhu said that we cant think about krsna while doing our work, but we have to offer the fruits of our work to Krsna. As our bhakthi matures, then we can also think of Krsna while we perform our duties and this becomes prema, the highest transcental work.

    So, in my case, for my hobby, I cannot think of krsna as I take a photograph, however, I can offer the results (like praises or recognition of my work) to Krsna. this is how I can spiritualise my hobby and use it in krsna's service. This was prabhu's response.

    Chant and be happy.

    Srila prabhupada ki jai..

    Hare krsna

  • Spiritualizing the work we do is akin to lighting a fire to our office desk, chairs, laptop, cell phone, etc. Or if you lend money, you let the borrower pay you when able minus the penalties. There is this transformation from solid, liquid to vapor becoming a cloud then back to rain. It never ends..this thing from matter to spirit to matter. From desire to non-desire. One can not be a rock & not roll.
  • There is no success without the input of devotion and faith.

    Even the menial jobs done with faith gives everlasting results. On the contrary, even the pious actions of envious, proud and  hard stone heart people go futile.

  • Hare Krishna!

    Please Accept My Humble Obeisances.

    Kindly go through the following articles:



    The crux of these is that we must cultivate an attitude of gratitude towards the Lord. At every moment, we need to acknowledge Him and thank him for showering His causeless mercy on us. We may come across varied situations in the course of our day-to-day work. They may be pleasant situations and at times we may also come across unpleasant ones. But the test of a true devotee is when he accepts it and sees every act he does in relation to Krishna. 

    Since you are blessed by the talent of photography, that too is Krishna's mercy on you. So please utilize it in the best way possible by capturing the beautiful form of the Lordships, His devotees - at temples you visit, at festivals, during yatras. 

    You are a sincere and humble devotee. And thus, very dear to Krishna. Please continue engaging your mind, senses and wonderful talent for His pleasure and the the pleasure of His devotees.

    Your Servant,

    Mathura Vasi Devi Dasi.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


    Great thoughts - how to spiritualise the work we do and offer as a  service to Krsna. We have to work in the mood/ consciousness that this is my prescribed duty - doing my duty is pleasing to Krsna, therefore let me do it with due diligence and no cheating. Whatever we get, accept that - no hankering during appraisal time - peers are getting better rankings, better bonuses - just dont bother. In my case, peers will call me and give me information and my boss has actually expressed surprise that I dont bother with who is getting how much and if someone is rated better than me. He says - remain like this, this is your biggest treasure. You are not burning blood unnecessarily.

    In between whatever breaks you take, pls remember KRsna. During lunchtime, you could team up with some colleague and eat in 10 min. THe balance 1/2 an hour or so, read online from vedabase. I have done this - we have finished reading GIta, then Sri Isopanishad, now we are doing Srimad Bhagawatam - 3rd Canto 22nd Chapter. My colleague has become life member in the meantime.

    Regarding hobby of photography - it is such a wonderful hobby. Have you tried to click photos of your local temple deities. Maybe you could approach the temple management and offer your services of clicking photos of temple deities from different angles and sending on whatsapp groups, websites of your local temple as a service. This you can do gratis. You can maybe take over the digitisation of all photographs related to your temple. Apart from this, if you get time and still have inclination, you can click other stuff.

    When you click the temple deities and share the photos, you will realise how many people are able to do darshan because of your service and the way they praise the shringar and the beauty of the lord, the pride of having taken a good photo will disappear and you will understand the photo is nice because of the deity, not because of you. Then when people praise your other photos, you will be able to relate - this object is beautiful because it is Krsna's creation. Gradually you will get over the pride and develop service mood.

    ONe more thing, whatever you earn from your hobby or job, the entire amount is not for you. PLease take out a percentage and use it for KRsna conscious charity every time. The percentage is 50% for grihastas - still I say decide an amount whihc is comfortable to you, considering your current situation in life.

    You are very sincere prabhu and honest in your approach to spirituality. I am sure that is pleasing to Krsna and He is guiding you.

    Dandvat Pranam to you.


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krsna,
      My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga.

      Thanks for your response Rashmi mataji.

      Yes mataji, I did offer my photography service to the temple. They have a regular photographer in place for taking deities photos everyday and post it online. I also offered my services for other festivals and other occassions.

      I took some photos of Ratha yatra that happened last Sunday. Attaching few photos for devotees here.

      In regards to income from my hobby, yes, I have decided to donate 50% of any additional income to Him. That has always been with me even without income from hobby.

      Please pray for this soul to remember Krsna at all times and not to be proud of anything. ONly devotee's mercy can keep my humble and surrendered.


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      Srila prabhupada ki jai..

      • Hari Bol Prabhu =

        Very Inspiring.

        - YS


  • Volunteer

    If you  are single and your parents/wife/kids are not dependent on you, give at least 90% in service of Krishna. If you are a grihasta, at least 50%. 

    Everything belongs to Krishna. I should instead be saying, steal no more than 0-10% from Krishna if single and no more than 0-50% of the paycheck they give you, if you are a grihasta.

    You can feed poor people prasadam, donate to Food for life or other projects that interest you. 

    That is how you spiritualize your job.

    One of Prabhupada's disciple, worked at a post office in America and he used to give his complete paycheck to Prabhupada every month.

  • Whatever is dear to you offer Him.

    Whatever is valuable to you offer Him .

    Whatever your hobby is, do it for His satisfaction and pleasure.

    Give up the results off your material activities to Him, by being not attached to them.

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krsna,
      My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga.

      Thanks for your response Dean prabhu.

      I am still struggling to understand how can I dedicate my hobby to Krsna. I will write what I currently intend to do.

      I am planning to use Radha and Krsna's name for the name of my business and design logo around Radha and Krsna. I am not taking any credits for the photos as I know the skills are coming from Krsna. What I struggle with is when someone compliments the photo, a wave of happiness comes over that a photo is appreciated. Is this normal behaviour or am I still thinking that "its my work"?? You  know what i mean?? How do I give up the results to Him?? Is it ok to just think in the mind "Krsna, this is all your grace, please bless me"??

      Chant and be happy.

      Srila prabhupada ki jai..

      Hare krsna

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