How to run Krishna Conscious business for living

Hare Krishna to all!

I am very much involved in KC and I always think of only Lord Krishna and their service to Lotus Feet. But only the problem I do not get much time to do all these activities. I am not very much aware of how to start business? but I always think of If I can start a small school for children in Remote area and can provide little Vedic knowledge so they can be Krishna Conscious and I can also love to serve Krishna in this way.

Please suggest me. You all are senior devotees please show me the direction (path) so I can redirect myself in that way.

Hare Krishna.

Jai Sril. PrabhuPad.

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  • Hare Krishna Mataji,

    First of all I would like to say special thanks to you! for your guidance. I will contact to Gauranag Prabhu for Govardhan Eco-Village and other option what you have mentioned.

    Basically my concern with remote area was I wanted to settle down in village. I am very much tired with the city surrounding.

    Thanks a lot for you help!

    Krishna's Das
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    After reading your post, I went through your profile. If you want to teach, then the options in front of you are: (a) go to Mayapur, they want teachers in their school. (b) approach HG Gauranga prabhuji of Chowpatty temple. I think he is in charge of Global Eco Village somewhere in the outskirts of Mumbai. Maybe he can guide you and use your services, (c) go to Vrindavan and try to preach in the school there.

    My point is that to teach vedic knowledge, you dont need to go to any remote place. Vedic knowledge itself has become so remote in today's world that wherever you are, you can teach there itself, thereby minimising your discomfort resulting from relocation.

    This is my limited understanding prabhuji. Maybe others can guide you better.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD


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