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    It depends on the audience. Some people who are very philosophically inclined would love to learn about KC just by talking and reading. 

    Others who enjoy music would love kirtanas, and same goes for those who enjoy dancing.

    Those who are very faithful to their religion or believe firmly in science, we let prasadam do the talking.

    So there are various ways to preach to others. I find that offering prasadam and inviting them to a program at the temple is a great way to begin. That way they get a taste of Krsna's delicious nectarine prasadam (which of course has it's own unique effects) and they get to see what KC is about at the temple - nothing but singing and dancing 24/7. 

    It also helps to get to know the person too, so if they mention a particular topic that Krsna mentions in the Gita (for example death of a relative or loved one), it would be easier to communicate.

    So here is a list:

    • Prasadam (could be anything from a tiny sweet to a nice plate of rice, subji, pakoras, sweets, and the delicious halava - never forget the halava ;) )
    • Invitation to Hari Nama Sankirtana - Singing, dancing, chanting -- It's a very blissful moment
    • Prabhupada's Books - This ties in with getting to know someone. Referring to that "death of a loved one" example, you can easily recommend a starter KC book like Beyond Birth and Death.
    • Invitation to the Sunday Program at the temple. Sundays are usually the biggest and most enthusiastic days at the temple (in my experience), so it would be nothing but fun, fun, fun and fun!

    The bottom line is: we don't force anyone to join KC. We present the knowledge given by our acharyas and we are more than happy to welcome them to our large family :)

    Thank you prabhuji for raising such a wonderful question!!

    • thanks for this wonderful answer, I am completely satisfied.

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