How to recognize Lord Krishna

I was walking on road, my friend asked me, if Lord Krishna comes on the road to meet us, how will i recognize him, how should i answer my friend? can anyone please help. i know we can understand the existence of Lord in Form of his mercy, air, water, this material world, but i am unable to answer my friend. Please help

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    Lord Krishna will appear to you just the way He looks in the pictures posted. Once you have His vision, like He did appear to Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Mahaprabhu, could not get Krishna's form out of His mind. He goes into Gopi Bhava, into mood of Gopi'.

    Krishna sometimes appears in other forms not looking like Krishna. As He appeared to wife of Tukaram..

  • What a Wonderful Lila Sandhya Mataji Bought Tears to My Eyes , Thanks For Sharing . Wow Krishna is waiting for me (us) to return to Golok.

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    Call your friend up one day and ask to meet him at some place. You arrive there early and be on the look out for your friend. As you see your friend approaching, walk towards him and greet him. Then says "It's hard to believe, but when you've grown to love Krishna so much, you just know it's him."

    You can walk down the road a bit more together, and then turn around and stop. Your friend will ask you what happened, and you can say, "I thought I saw Aditi (name of random friend) walking that way. But like this, sometimes, Krishna plays with us and puts His cloud of maya over us so we don't recognize him. Once the maya is removed though, we look back and think "wait that was Krishna!"

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