• Yes this topics are very Serious .

    from my experience when I was newly exposed to ISKCON one bramhachari prabhu during prasadam passed a comment "Radhyeshyam prabhu had completed the whole collection of Vivekananda books he found nothing use full in those" I felt very bad that day...... they are not Vaishnava but they are devotees ,and janan-yoga is also a bonafied path for them who can follow ( but this people are very less we can appreciate them but can't follow).

    after 1 year of practice and hearing I understood why one shouldn't follow that path.

    but if we tell a newbie all this there will be problems. (but Swamiji never cheated people he calmed we all are in tamo guna by practicing his method of mainlining ethical values and purity one can soon get rajo guna and later slowly sattwa guna. )

  • OK prabhu, actually I didn't saw the date please forgive me....

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      why not to dig??? I do not understand You Siddhartha Prabhu? If question is already there then why not to continue it rather than again and again creating the same topic.

      On the contrary it is better.

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    I would like to add that the chanting on beads will have to be attentive. Inattentive chanting is an offense and will not produce the result.

    • @ Shravan Prabhhu

      you should also consider there is a difference between physical and mental association.....stay

      one may physically stay with devotees but if don't have deep affection for devotees then you cannot clam that he is taking association......but if some one's hand in socity and mind is always with devotees and Krishna then he is perfect.

      and don't quantize the devotional service with 16 rounds. it sounds very bad....devotion is not a 1:0 or if else logic. one 'NISHTHA'-van 4 rounder can be more elevated than a offensive practitioner.

      Inattentive chanting is not a offense because you cannot control this....but desire of chanting attentively is a plus point.

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        Inattentive chanting is a big offense Arpan Prabhuji.

        And we should not say that that who chants 16 rounds is lesser than 4 rounder. No! Please be respectful to senior Devotees.

        Even if they have bad qualities but they are struggling very hard to chant their 16 rounds in order to please Guru and Krishna.

        Materialistic people may seem like a gold. But young Devotees sometime may seem aggressive...even though Devotees are better. Because materialistic people are like seemingly untouched clean room. But when we start to clean it dust will come out. And new Devotees are like that cleaning process.

        So there is very BIG difference.

        Your servant, in serving to Srila Prabhupada, 

        • agreed

          but still I am confused, if it is a great offense then why it is kept out of the ten an morning walk talk

          [750203mw.haw] Morning Walk February 3, 1975, Hawaii
          His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

          /*"Devotee (3): Srila Prabhupada, it’s very difficult to control my mind when I chant. It wanders.
          Prabhupada: So what is the controlling of mind? You have to chant and hear, that’s all. You have to chant with your tongue, and the sound you hear, that’s all. What is the question of mind?"*/

          I might have make out a wrong meaning of it.

          (but I was told Inattentive chanting is like you are inviting Krishna for an interview and not paying attention to him..... in that sense it is a great disaster. )

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