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  • A devotee is very rare on this planet: one in a billion! We are just trying to be devotees,and may take several lifetimes to deserve this title,while we play sometimes with Maya and sometimes with Krsna! Many think: I am chanting,I have neck beads,so I;m a devotee,but are we really???

    • Absolutely not, the one and only great and pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada also told many times that he is trying to become Krsna's servant of the servant of the servant.  So, if we say we are devotees, then we are under gross ignorance.

      In spite of chanting and wearing beads and regulative principles, many of us including myself are yet to become human beings.

      Of course, since we have taken up the KC now, our duration of repeated births will be reduced for sure, from million to may be 100, that is a great boon.

      Hare Krsna

      • Hare Krishna,

         As Kajal mataji experienced how she came to KC with the association of KC, I  also came with an association of an ardant devotee of vraja rani Smt. Radharani. Both husband & wife are pure devotee of Radha Krishna, They showed me the path of KC. I would like to say that I am servant of both husband & wife who are servant of servant of servant of Krishna.  Without their association  I would never know Radha Krishna.

  • hare krishna devotees,

    i had mentioned abt lord srinivasa,because his incartnation not mentionedin bagvatha.but in other puranas,we can see it.he is vishnu himself.

    this way there are so many secret texts in vedas describing the arrival and activities of saibaba.

    • Great if you can name those scriptures and quote those verses (better not go by litareture like kalki purana which are not from Upanishad).

      But I heard (common tales not from scriptures ) Rishi Bharatdwag once went to Himalaya and got boon from Lord Shiva that he will take birth in Bharatdwag Gotra 5 times and live a devotees life. (one of those was possible our ADI SANKARACHAYRYA) and sai devotees say SAIBABA is one of those incarnations.

      This much I am agreed SAIBABA the PUTTAPARTI one is far better than (fake) VAISHNAVA GURU ANUKUL CHANDRA (famous as incarnation of Krishna) and in Hawra railway Station he have few of 5m x 7m banners suggesting people to take his shelter. (I am scared their may be a hand full of his disciples in this site. )

      I have many co-devotees initiated by anukul chandra ... they give very nice association.... we cannot ignore them .

      in bengal & Bihar  possibly their are more Anukul Thakur devotees than of Gauria MATH + ISKCON

  • So I was a non-devotee 10 years ago (used to eat meat, did not know about Krsna conciousness) until I met a devotee on the train in USA. If the devotee did not associate with me...I would never have known about Krsna Conciousness.

    The conclusion from this is....that it is necessary for a devotee to associate (to a certain extent) with a non-devotee like myself otherwise I would have never have known about Krsna conciousness. Does this example not speak for itself? Bhaktin Maral I appreciate your posts!

    • Equivalent case with me too,

      I believe there are many like us

    • HK mataji:

      You are absolutely right. This is the power of sankirtan movement and empowerment that Prabhupad has given to his followers that even though it is one of the 10 offenses to associate with a non-devotee, a devotee takes that risk to convert an atheist into theist.

      All glories to you for taking up KC seriously mataji.

      All glories to Guru and Gauranga. 

  • hare krishna
    if i had hurted anyone,plz forgive.
    i am a strong devotee of lord krishna.but my experiences (real) led to understand saibaba also.if anyone say bad abt krishna,how can we stay keeping quiet????
    when i happened to see the posts that belittling him in this forum,i was very sad.thats why i posted like tthat.
    i will no more post here..but... i with my whole heart  touching ur feet and begging"plz dont judge anything without proper knowledge and experience"'(we can see there is no electricity in lines as we cant see it.but we can realize the power of currentby touching lines.this way just try to understand abt swami.then take decision.i am not saying all of u to become his devotees;but dont disrespect him.)also lord vishnu has anantha avatatrs(infinite).so we cant judge bagvatham no mentioning abt lord srinivasa avatar.
    hare krishna...sai ram...
    once again sorry...

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