How to preach to father

Hare krishna i have been in krishna consciousness since 5 years now i came in contact when i was 17 when i met a devotee who was my room mate since then i have engaged myself in kirtan chanting and singing for lord. but my father is a devotee of shakti he doesnt like krishna and his devotees after he saw that i have changed a bit he started abusing my devotee friend who got me into krishna consciousness and he started abusing my guru also i had started suffering mental problems since i started kc he thinks krishna has caused me these problems i cannot argue with him that krishna doesnt cause problems he is merciful because i am afraid of him. i bought a diety couple of days ago of radha and krishna he got angry and scolded me and said my mental probelms would increase due to krishna worship how to preach such a strong minded father what to do help me kindly.

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  • So I just started being like a normal boy like everyone although I was silently practising . I would chant and read when they are not nearby and in their presence I would read my school books and behave like a normal child. All these time I kept on praying to krsna to help me deal with this situation. And now things have changed. No one forces me to eat meat as I'm grown up now. I have my separate room where I can chant, read , worship etc without fear. I go to temple easily. Things have gradually changed in my life. The past was only a learning period. All the opposition helped me to hold on to krsna tightly. It made krsna deep rooted in my heart. It increased my faith and dependence on krsna. Even now I believe, krsna is personally with me ,guiding me and helping me .

    So just tolerate and go ahead , things will not remain same forever. Everything will change gradually. Have faith and hope in krsna.

    I have told about myself as v share the same situation. And just to give u confidence.hare krsna
    • Thank you prabhu ji  for sharing your experience

  • I feel this is a common case with many . I have also gone through so many problems in the beginning. All my relatives and family members,neighbours would ridicule me ,giving nicknames, forcing me to eat meat, when they see me reading prabhupad books(which are big in size) they think I will become mad, I had helplessly cried in seclusion due to the insults and other things. But those days as I was young ,I thought being a devotee is bad because everyone around me were seeing it that way.
    The way I was living is right, chanting, reading scripture,doing services etc.- this is actually why v have been given this human body , (parabhavas tavad aboda jata yavan Na jijnasata atma tattvam... )One is certainly defeated as long as he doesn't enquiry about one's true self interest which is hari bhakti(Na te viduh svarta gain hi Vishnu..). So if one doesn't come to the feet of hari , everything is null and void, all of ones merits or achievement is useless, because death will come uninformed and kick u out of this whole situation u are in . Death doesn't care if u are a big scientist or a famous hero.

    It is said ,bhagavad-bhakti-hīnasya
    jātiḥ śāstraṁ japas tapaḥ
    aprāṇasyeva dehasya
    maṇḍanaṁ loka-rañjanam
    All material acquisition minus kc is like ornaments to dead body. This is a fact because even though the dead body is decorated, it can't enjoy all this as it has no consciousness. So even while living, the body is still a dead lump of matter being animated by the energy of the soul(self) so while living, if v spend our life only caring for body neglecting the self then v r fit to be animals. Because animals have no capacity to think about all this, they are only interested in body maintenance. today everyone is like that ,work hard like a donkey for some grass till u die. If another donkey says I am tired of carrying all this load , let me go out free and find grass out in the field. The other load carrying donkeys will think he is crazy. This is how the situation is at present.
    So it is better to not mind the opinions of the general minds. Don't give the remote control of Ur emotions into others hands, they will play with it.
    So what I did was just tolerating. In fact all this was good for me, because the more people opposed me, the more I felt the need of help and support. And since I was told about the merciful nature of krsna, I would easily connect with him, I had heard how krsna accepted the princesses kidnapped by bhaumasur as His wives - even though everyone would reject these ladies still krsna is the one person whu accepted them, the pastime of sudama , then how krsna accepted the milk of putana, how he accepted the sandal of the hunchback kubja, etc.. and so many pastime are there which inspired me to have a strong connection with krsna.i felt even though all my near and dear one are against me, still krsna is there for me, this belief gave me courage to go on . It is true, even if the whole world hates u, but if krsna likes u even 1% then v are most fortunate.
    Only an unfortunate fool will reject krsna.
    Then in truth the vaishnavas are the real saktas the worshippers of Sakti.
    The analysis is giving by jiva goswami like this.
    Krsna is compared to the sun. The immediate or the intrinsic potency of krsna is like the intense energy at the Suns surface. It is mostly as intense as the sun itself. Then the rays of the sun are projected outward. These rays can be compared to the jiva. Then whatever light of this sun is reflected from any object that can be compared to maya or the external energy. It is not directly connected to the sun nor doest it emit light by itself but refect the light from the sun. So the maya Sakti is the shadow of the cit Sakti. So the spiritual energy is the original potency in toto.
    As we worship Sri Radha who is the Adi para Sakti , the origin of all other energies ,we are real saktas.
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    You have mentioned about your father, what about your mother or other family members? what is their opinion or take on KC? 

    Regarding your father, what can you do prabhuji? You have to be patient, steady in your devotion, preach with your behaviour, never by words. Typically parents dont like to be preached to by their children. Plus he is already praying to Shakti devoutly. Dont try to break his faith in shakti, let it continue peacefully. Try to arrive at a workable solution - he does what he believes in and you do what you believe in.

    Please take care of Radha Krishna deities in your house properly and let Them weave Their magic through your father's heart. Have faith, it will happen. Keep praying for their mercy. That is all in your hands. 


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • mata ji thank you my mother is a krishna devotee she helps me but my father is hard hearted

      • E-Counselor

        Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


        So nice that your mother is also a devotee of Krsna, so you have help to take care of your Radha Krsna deities. I was wondering how you will take care without any help.

        YOur father is future devotee prabhuji. How you behave with him/ react to him will determine how quickly he becomes a present devotee. 

        Best of luck prabhuji. its never easy, but then what in life is?


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD

        • Thank you so much mata ji

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