• Hare Krishna,

    To become a pure devotee there are 9 Stages.

    See where you stand and do the needful for the next step.

    Go one by one; do not jump

    1. sraddha: faith
    2. sadhu-sanga: association with devotees
    3. bhajana-kriya: performance of devotional service
    4. anartha nivrtti: decreasing of unwanted attachments
    5. nistha: steadiness
    6. ruci: taste
    7. asakti: attachment
    8. bhava: love
    9. prema: pure love for Krsna

    Thank You
    In your service
  • dandawat pranam...........thank you for your kind reply.....hare krshna:)
  • The trick is sincerity-- don't try to cultivate something artificial. Try to give your inner heart to our guardians-- Try to listen attentively to the sound of the mantra-- the holy names of Radha-Krsna. Call on the help of Gaura-Nitai and (especially) Sri Guru even if you're not entirely sure on what kind of, "help" you're needing. Keep the inner ideal close- Remember that high ideal-- The soul is looking for something-- It is hankering for sweetness. Try to have an attitude of crying out for help. We have to remember that our spiritual progress is entirely a function of Sri Guru's mercy. We have little avail to cultivate anything or demand anything from the Absolute. We are in a fallen position but we can get help from the higher plane if we have sincerity-- and even if we are insincere (this happens; don't sweat it)-- we can cry out for sincerity too.

    Following rules and regulations will keep us in a safe position. Taking shelter of Swami Maharaj Prabhupada will bring us all benedictions in our pursuit of that sweet Absolute. Try to remember though-- He is our spiritual father-- He loves us more than we can imagine and He is the very mercy of Nityananda Prabhu personified. Try to remember Nitai's beautiful pastime-- "Do you think because you have broken this earthen pot over my head that I will not give you pure love of Godhead?"

    Dandavat Pranams. Hare Krsna.
  • well, recite the appropriate slokas for Krishna, archaryas and vaishnavas before starting chanting ..
    seek shelter of the guru saying pls. help me keep my mind focused through out the entire time of chanting.
    Chanting itself is the remedy and this.. keep chanting one day you will get prema.
    Initially mind goes here and there 10 min also you cannot focus later on it becomes a habit.
    habits only can bring changes.
    You don't expect love for Krishna to develop all of a sudden overnight neither you can love vaishnavas or archaryas to pray from heart initially.
    You need to practice practice practice chanting daily like making it a habit. slowly you can get prema stage.
    Initially ritualistic practice of following rules and regulatory principles and other vaidhi bhakti principles have to done as a duty.
    Practice only make you perfect.
    Tell me you don't read and write as soon as you were born did you? you learnt it in a step by step way year after year.
    Similarly it take time to pray from heart .. as of now do chanting. It is only remedy for this.
    pranam mantras to be recited before you start to chant. watch the vid. and learn them
    It takes time to reach prema stage..
    Hare Krishna.
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