How to perform Janmastami pooja at home?

Hare Krishna dear Devotees,

Could any one of you please guide and help me to know/understand how to perform Janmastami pooja at home? I have immense faith in Sri RadhaKrishna and would like to serve the Lord on this day. Currently I chant 8 rounds of the Mahamantra and my father chants 16 rounds in morning and evening. We also offer food to Lord everyday. Last year we had performed small & simple pooja, but this time I would like to do it in more correct way that is possible for us to do.

I am really unaware about the procedure to perform this pooja and would be grateful if any senior devotee can provide me with some valuable guidance. Please shower your mercy on me. Thank you!

Your Servant,

Artha Kadamb

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  • Hare Krishna,


    Last year for Janmastami we had distributed Bhagavad Gita Book in our society and offered 56 bhog to Lord Krishna........


    May be you can also plan to distribute KC books..........


    Hari bol.



  • this time i have bought new a gift for him....special homemade sweets like rasamalai,,rasagullas,,,jamoons,,,fruitshakes like appleshake nd juices nd  other things  are offerd..butter nd milk with honey must nd should


    • Volunteer

      Just remembered something my mother had told me. We have to offer butter with sugar powder to Gopal ji and also poha with Jagerry and grated coconut.



      • i will also offer butter with sugar this time..thanks prabhu for this information....i also offer poha fried in ghee added with salt and red chilly powder,haldi,nd fried groundnuts

  • Volunteer

    I am planning for a chappan bhoga for Jagannath ji and Laddu gopal and also perform abhishakam.

    • I am planning on similar grounds... Chappan bhoga and abhishekam... Wish it really happens by Krishna's mercy and blessings.. Thanks!

      Har Bol... :)

  • Hare Krishna,


    Even I am having bal gopal in my house. 


    Some devotees offer toys to Krishna on this day..........  Even I am planning to do so............. 


    You can distribute these toys to small children as prasadam after Janmastami.


    Attaching snaps of some photos which i got from internet.


    Also you can perform abhishek if you have a deity and place him in Jhula.


    You can also perform sankirtan and offer him bhog.


    These were my few ideas. 


    also let me know your ideas, since I am aslo planning to do janmastami at my home


    Hari Bol




    • Hare Krishna Deepti Mtj,

      The snaps you provided from internet are really beautiful. Also i really like the idea of offering toys to Lord and distributing them as prasadam after Janmashtami. Thank you so much :)

      Well i have no new ideas, but i am going to concentrate more on decoration of Jhula and Altar for Gopalji as last year we had simple pooja. Also there would be addition in bhoga items to be prepared.

      Thanks again for your valuable inputs.. hari bol.. :)

  • During the month of Kartika one should worship lord Damodara and daily recite the prayer knowm as Damodarashtaka
    • Hare krishna Nishaira mtj, thank you for your suggestion, I shall definitely recite the Damodarashtaka prayer :)

      I have always done only chanting after performing the pooja. thanks again!!!

      Please let me know if there are any other prayers that we should recite on this particular day?


      Hari Bol :)

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