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Can anyone tell me how to overcome suicidal thoughts?? Plssssss

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   One can make a kind of philosophical suicide, which then eases the pressure so one no longer has to feel suicidal. :-) Curiosity is a main theme... Don't you want to see how your life ends up?

   Also, whether there is a "soul spark" that goes on or not doesn't really matter because almost all of who we are now, dies when we die anyway... so anyone who is suicidal needs to realize that they need to do nothing  because they will die anyway... so sit back and watch the show called "life" feeling relieved due top this detachment feeling.....

hmm..sure..prabhu..thank uuu..

If your depressed; Play this game-
it's called hopping the train. Of "Infunit love & unconditional sorrender in the mood of SelfService*
It's not as complicated as antimatter =-) or Spiritual nature,/ & it's energies or anything but it is, something . ... . very brillent* 1st. plz, try & understand' in the early ISKCON An important part of the preaching that convinced me to hang in their suffer the insignificance the heavynes of belching out- 16 rounds for so many years, (PP) BHakti's would say somethimg like "krishna has Infinit understanding, He's enexzostable and the SupreemPerson of every Gunnah. So just consider yourself as doing yoursealf a faver. Only latter did I understand the volume of truth in that little remimder. These Divine names will inspire liborat & purafy 100 gennerations of family -members to be spiritually motavated.
& so I'ed chant on wake to an iceycold showers by 4:00 Bask in RahdhaKrishna-Mungal Bahshon & arroteek!, gently rocking & serenading the diati nicely* & then
Spend acupple hr.s Chanting & sitting Standung & moving/ walking around in cercals. around on temple fresh-clean Temple room floors
because allTotaled over a span of. .. . many Years. That, that attomic anti'matter/ energies were realize by my as not only harmis but enjoyable -*(very) & accually cimpleetly grace field, So in fact I was totaly doing myself a (HUGE faver) and a Grand service) & best of all Now I never seem to become disenchanted with CHANTING for very long.!-) it's *Beyond Pleasing it's like being a Sovern GOD & a irresistibly attrative One at that. Don't worry I know who's Cognashents & energies are getting all tje attention.
Wan't to play?Okay 1st. Immagen Lord Sri Chatonyah NAH'MA ahcharea Avatar & Nit'yah'nun'da
Sounds intresting on some Laval?
Hear is how it's played . .
ok. Hold on hears a (News flash*)
Did you know that Native Amarical Sun Worshippers are called Sun Dancers? The thing is, durring
"(the Dance") their feet never leave that Spot" the eyes stare TransFixed on the "Lower Rim of the Sun, lift the arm or arms and begin chanting & dancing in this way! (FYI) who new!?
& coincidentally* that was just exzactly what I was about to challeng you to try (Sri ram'Chatonya'prahbu'gee's way
Of Chanting, wow, I got pulled away from my share & upon returning to it, & scroling for just a moment on my way back to you' I saw this article titled Amarican Indions photo jernal while i'm thinking of the Savour Gurudave Sri VonAshram darma Chatonyah prahbu & the six GoSvomies all glory all glory to the assembled Devotes.

Suicidal thouGHts come if one dreams of some thing and either he fails to achieve it of even after acheiving it he finds that it wasn't eouGH. Trust me there is nothing in this materialistic world that would satisfy you. Cause even the rich like Bill gates too take a sleeping pill to take a nap in the niGHt.

Just like fire if what ever is put in it fire turns it to ash. Put ur self in the service of LORD KRISHNA, EAT vis Vowing OH LORD THIS meal is ur Kindness I never earned it U GAVE it to me. Attach LORD With every thing. ANd one day u'll find Him and u won't need anything else


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